The 9 Levels of Cosplay Hell

Gameist: "Centuries and centuries ago some guy named Dante penned a little work known as the Divine Comedy which outlined all the wonderment and fun that could be found in the many, many levels of Hell. Real family stuff.

Dante lived in a simpler time. A time before internet pornography and entire networks devoted to nothing but food, so it's safe to reason his levels for such vices as lust and gluttony are far, far overcrowded, and that a need for some more specific, more horrifying Hells has arisen. Shunning all natural instincts of self preservation, Gameist has seen fit to delve into the most horrifying of all these and document what is found inside Cosplay Hell."

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Voozi4004d ago

Some of those think I may be scarred for life...

andron4004d ago

Cosplay hell indeed. Watch out for Tron Guy...

rockleex4003d ago

But that picture of Mai looks more like the 9 levels of Heaven rather than Hell! O_O

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XLiveGamer4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Yup that's how ugly and ridiculous you look.

Thank God that i have a brain and i don't do this sh!t

XLiveGamer4004d ago

No doubt enemies have done this. YUP little ignorant kidz that are tracking my every move... i smell... i smell... ignorant coward puzzis.

TheBand1t4004d ago

I threw up a little in my mouth.

FantasyStar4004d ago

I've seen worst at actual anime conventions. Words are scarce as to what the heck were they thinking when they decided to come dressed up like THAT.

dcbronco4004d ago

I think I'm going to stick with circle 2.

phosphor1124004d ago

but I'd give them all of my attention ;)

Matpan4003d ago

Man, I swear I try not to look at your avatar... but every time it pops up... I do. If I ever see you, it´s going to be like 200 punc...
201 punches... damn... my arm´s gonna be sore.

Da One4003d ago

I got some special attention i wanna give

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