About: Top Action-Adventure Games for PSP

About writes: "Despite a slow start oh those many years ago, there are now a lot of games available for the PSP. Some of those games are really good and some are best avoided unless you have more money and time than any gamer has ever had before. So I'm here to help. The following action-adventure titles are games that I played and enjoyed. They're not all the best game ever, but they are--in my obviously biased opinion--worth playing. But then, I'll try almost any action-adventure game at least once . . . (Oh, and I will edit this list from time to time, so check back.)"

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Cajun Chicken4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

Shamefully missing God of War: Chains of Olympus and Medievil Reserrection.

SmokingMonkey4010d ago

all the PSP titles appearing on PSN for download?

like this week we got Killzone Liberation, doesn't this trend kinda imply that the PSP2/PSP4000 could be real?

Imagine Kaz showing of the new PSP2/4000 at E3

"with over 50 titles already available for download from PSN"

my question is, how will i play all of my existing UMD PSP games on this new PSP2/4000 model?

Microsoft_Spokesman4010d ago

You shove them into the battery compartment.

SynGamer4010d ago

Dead Head Fred is a great game. My personal additions to the list would be God of War and MotoGP. God of War needs no explaining but MotoGP was hands down one of the best racing games on a handheld (excluding Mario Kart). The controls were tight/precise, the graphics good (game was released in 2006 before Sony unlocked the PSP's CPU), and it offers plenty of re-playability.

mgsfan554010d ago

No Chains of Olympus? Fail.