About: Top Puzzle Games for PSP

About writes: "The PSP and puzzle games are a perfect fit. By nature, puzzle games tend to be best played in short sessions, which works well with the PSP's portability. Consequently, there are quite a few puzzlers available for the PlayStation Portable. Here are some that I've played and enjoyed. I'll update this list as I find new games I think are worth mentioning, so check back from time to time."

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Cajun Chicken4007d ago

Import 'XI Colliseum' from Japan, its basically a PSP port of PSone's Devil Dice, one of the best PSP puzzle games out there. Also, Echochrome is fatally missing.

Might check out Cube, looks a bit like Kula World.

Barreldragon004006d ago

They missed Crush its my favorite puzzle game on the psp. Crush is a puzzle game where you turn the 3D world in to 2D to solve the puzzles.

xabmol4006d ago

Cool story too. Kinda weird for a puzzle game, huh?