About: Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection Review

About writes: "I'll admit it. I was firmly on the side of Nintendo during the SEGA vs. Nintendo days. So a lot of Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for me isn't so much reliving my childhood and bringing back Mountain Dew-fueled nostalgia-soaked memories of these games, but instead I can experience a lot of it for the first time. Of course, for only $30 it is hard to pass up whether you are a longtime SEGA fan, a recovering Nintendo fanboy, or a kid that wants to see what videogames used to be like."

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MasFlowKiller4005d ago

Are all the games in HD? i remember reading somewhere they were doing a HD remake of some of the sonic games

does anyone know?

TheHater4005d ago

nope not in HD. I have this game

Jink4004d ago

Does it includes Sonic CD from SEGA-CD?

kewlkat0074004d ago

Eveyr sonic pack that have been out that one have been left out...