Game Informer: Eat Lead Review

To add ugly insult to injury, the game's animation looks sloppy, and it has the graphics to match. One would like to think the game was made intentionally bad to complement the hokey story, but that's just a cop out. A clever story should never excuse weak gameplay.

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Cajun Chicken4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

Fair review score.
Got this game today and been playing it for a few hours, has a similar sense of humour to the Serious Sam games but takes it a level higher and manages to break the fourth wall, left, right and centre. Sometimes the games levels are completely unpredictable. Actually has pretty solid cover mechanics, haven't laughed out loud playing a game for ages even the load screens are hillarious.

I don't agree with the text in this review but the score is fair. Yeah, the graphics aren't the best in the world, the engine isn't mightily impressive, the soundtrack isn't epic. But the jokes and unpredictablity of the levels you play are pretty funny.
I think we may have a new cult game on our hands.