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About writes: "You probably know X-Blades better as "that game with the half naked chick on the cover" than as a surprisingly good hack and slash button masher, so allow me to introduce you. X-Blades features really nice graphics along with fun and deep combat that draws you in just as well as any other hack and slash game on the Xbox 360. And, yeah, the super cute heroine certainly doesn't hurt."

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xino4006d ago

Seriously who the hell are approving this fake review!?

It's all bloody wrong!

"Pros: Really nice graphics; fun combat; cute heroine
Cons: Becomes repetitive after a while; terrible platforming"

NO! The graphics are limited! They look like PS2 in HD or should I say Xbox graphics in HD. Enemy designs are poorly done, watching a maxed out graphic settings on the PC version, I saw no change in graphics wise, except it was displayed in 1280 by 720.

The con is actually the pro, because that was the whole purpose of the game, to be repetitive, and the repetitive leads the game to be addicitve.

"The story is actually pretty simple and straightforward, but it is told through some nice cel-shaded cutscenes that hold your attention even if the story itself doesn’t."

No the story is not simple and straightforward. When you boot the game for the first time, the game's introduction shows the prologue, when Ayumi first discovered some treasure. The only straightforward story in the game was the first cutscene, Ayumi gives us a brief details about what her job is, what she's going to do and you'll know her personality in an instant.
The rest of the cutscenes are complete TRASH! Random stuff just happening, you'll won't even know what is going on. There's no backstory about the characters or anything. Nothing makes sense, basically it's all about Light and Dark magic, yet the story for it is poor.

" Thankfully, you spend 95% of your time fighting and only 5% doing anything else, so it isn’t a huge problem." Good luck to people trying to roll over a dangerous blade hanging from the ceiling.

"Graphically, X-Blades is stunning. The environments are all in the jungle temple motif, but they look good. The lighting is especially good and really sets everything else in the game world off. Ayumi also looks nice and is animated well." Complete LIE! The only graphical good thing about the graphics are the lighting effects, nothing else.

I hate fake reviewers or biased reviewers.

This game is alright, if you like to burn time, like button bashing, love to have nothing but fun, always win or like simple games. You'll like this game. It's addictively fun! Music are really impressive!

Nonetheless, the whole presentation for the game is just bad!

People going on about 50 Cent new game sucks so bad, just shows how arrogrant they are (who knows, they are the ones who say Resident Evil 5 isn't racist). 50 Cent's new game is worth better than this.

peace out

andron4006d ago

But I have read a few reviews now, and most are in line with this one.

The graphics are a bit anime/cell-shaded inspired and that might not be your thing. I think they look good from what I have seen in videos...