How To Get Xbox Live for Less Than $50 a Year

About writes: "One of the arguments the competition makes against the Xbox 360 is that their online services are free while Xbox Live Gold costs $50. Beyond the "Well, it costs money because it is better" counter-argument, you can also rub their face in the fact that you didn't actually pay $50 for a year of Live. How, you ask? Find out all of the details on how to get Xbox Live for less right here."

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ThatCanadianGuy4007d ago

Cut it out of the package with a razor blade and you can get it for free.

Ghoul4006d ago

"Beyond the "Well, it costs money because it is better" counter-argument, you can also rub their face in the fact that you didn't actually pay $50 for a year of Live"

what is this ? a weak excuse to pay for a system that should be free ?

ActionBastard4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

Completely agree. Microsoft knows online multiplayer is the basis for subscribing to Live. Would anyone pay $50 a year for the Marketplace and messaging systems (voice and text)? If you stripped online multiplay out of XBL, I don't think anyone would pay. Mainly because most (if not all) aren't subscribing to it for anything other than online play.

Remember children: Action Bastard doesn't pay for the Internet twice...and neither should you!

mboojigga4006d ago

What I find funny is everyone that either can't afford it or wants to play on Live wants it to be free and then at the same time will say Live sucks. MS has been doing this for 7 years now. Paying for Live from a company stand point makes sense. Hell it would make sense to Sony if the system wasn't as expensive when it started out. But Sony wouldn't be where they are today if t hey charged that service on top of the price it was then and even now. If you can't afford live or 8 bucks a month or actually find deals like this that are offered all the time then you need to stop complaining about somthing you don't use or care about in the first place. IF PSN is giving you all you need regardless if you know what Live offers or not, then that is great for you MOVE ON. Being one person on a fracking game site saying it NEEDS to be free is not going to stop someone that is on this very same site getting ready to purchase Live with any of the options they have to purchase it. Live is growing and has been around 7 years doing this and PSN is growing. Grow up or get a better job for anyone hollering free this and that. Nothing is free in this world at some point money is being spent at some level.

Ghoul4006d ago

"What I find funny is everyone that either can't afford it or wants to play on Live wants it to be free and then at the same time will say Live sucks."

Thats a very hars and insulting argument, firstly i can easily pay 10 times l!ve a month, but that doesnt smallen the fact that i regret paying for something that was free ever since.

I pay for my ISP, therefore any argument that i should pay for the permission to use my allready payed online connection is bs.
I won't pay for it period, and yes i payed for it for 2 years couse i am forced to pay if i wanna play online. well i canceld my subscription.

L!VE is great no doubt, its solid works great (except some minor problems) and has a big library. But still i think it's unfair to base theyre income on service payments that are FORCED onto you.

y0haN4006d ago

You can use LAN play with LogMeIn/Hamachi but if your latency is over 30 you get kicked which is dumb because a lot of legit wireless players have laggy wireless.

DelbertGrady4006d ago

I'd choose Xbox Live over PSN any day, even if it means paying for it. It's worth every penny imo. And it shows in how many users they have. PSN just isn't as good.

no-spin4006d ago

and took out the credit card because MS was charging me the monthly fee without an option to stop it and without notifying me that once you pick the ONE MONTH subscription, they just keep charging you monthly without any mention in the marketplace. sneaky thief

Live is great, but it is an insult to make the same costumers that put up with the faulty hardware to pay for online play

Kushan4006d ago

A SUBSCRIPTION usually implies that you've SUBSCRIBED to it, you know.

Darkfocus4006d ago

just make a new account every month it takes like 2 minutes,
but I would prefer if I could get it for free and keep the same account.

no-spin4006d ago

you are such a tool its not even funny

in your green world if i want to play online for one month, i have to pay the months after because you say so,are you serious?
Live is not a magazine that you subscribe for the year knowing that it is for a year. Live has three options and one says ONE MONTH subscription, Not a MONTHLY subscription, and there is no option to stop it.

so that "you know" i subscribed for a month, not a monthly stupid fee that sums up more than $50 dollars a year. but i guess you like to keep paying the big MS, have it their way then.

y0haN4006d ago

Darkfocus, there's only so many accounts you can make with one month free per system.

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Legionaire20054006d ago

They sell Xbox Live for $35 dollars.

mboojigga4006d ago

OH well $35 is too expensive for you sorry to hear that.

ActionBastard4006d ago

I like not having to hunt for deals. FREE is a better deal. I'd rather use that $35 to buy games.

Cajun Chicken4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

Still nothing but Halo 3 worth playing on XBL, everything else is pretty much multiplat or completely free on my laptop. Still playing my XBLA games online would be welcome, but y'know...I don't really need £40 or so a year just to play Doom or Duke 3D online with a few people. When I buy a system, I like to think thats all the money the console maufacturer wants off of me, but MS seems different, knocking at your consoles virtual door like a taxman or landlord. Not paying three seperate payments for the internet, phoneline and Broadband is enough.

Well, I hope MS make online play free in the next console, because well, things are going to get nasty since everyone'll be doing it for free the should at least make it more tempting.

Say, where exactly is that money going anyway?...Anyone?

mboojigga4006d ago

Good 18 million people seem to be just fine choosing to pay for Live with the options they have to pay for it. Developers like the option that MS offers with the standard features we see on the games. By all means play on your laptop while I play on my 70 in and game with friends and family on both the Live and PSN.

ActionBastard4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

56% of XBL subscribers PAY. That's how blind they've made you. You think EVERYONE is on Live. Sorry.


Cajun Chicken4006d ago

They don't know any other way, remember, XBL is probably a lot of peoples first taste of online gaming, they don't know any better, they probably don't even know that before MS, online gaming was pretty much free everywhere else.
I didn't agree with it back on XBOX and I don't agree with it on the 360 and it really doesn't do anything for the money. Its overpriced for what it does and its only excuse is 'social features' which is basically MSN and a complex scoreboard.

No joke, but XBL is ridiculous, especially coupled with the fact that the early models of 360 were prone to failure and the XBL fee only acts as insurance and keeps MS afloat.
Sure, be happy with it, but think is that money actually being spent on anything, has MS unleashed anything that has been worth 18 million peoples £40 a year? Has MS had tonnes of must have exclusives since XBL on 360 started raking in the money, have they invested in game studios?

Silver account'll do me and as for my laptop, basically that just plays Prey and Valve games, the PS3 does pretty much everything else, people can complain about the price of the PS3, but you end up buying membership of PSN for the rest of the consoles life at least it doesn't demand money off me every annual year and yes, I have tried a trial of XBL and basically found it very undelivering for the price it costs.

Its a rip-off and I'm not complaining about it because I want it, because, I really don't, or I would of given in and got it by now and 2 years on, I haven't, I see no need. But for 360 only owner' s, I guess people have no choice and that's the catch which MS grabs people with hook line and sinker.
It's just a rip-off compared to everyone else.

I hope nobody replies to me with the useless 'MMO arguement', because that is completely void, those are constantly getting more content and is a universe people CHOOSE to get involved in, not FORCED or face with no gaming outside of your SP games since in most games split-screen has gone to pot.

4006d ago
Ghoul4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )


seariously your tone and what you write ....

time to decrease your bubbles

edit ::
"Free is the solution to everything though to kids or grown people with no jobs or jobs with not enough money to support their habits. Drug addicts want free drugs too."

are you really that short minded ?

ActionBastard4006d ago

@ mboojigga
Look. Feel free to spend your money however you see fit. But don't get this arrogant, holy than thou, ignorant assed "You can't afford Live" attitude. It's an online service you're happy to pay for. There's a flip side to that coin. Instead of childish fanboy banter (I have played my part on N4G many times), rise above it. Just say why you pay for it. Why it makes sense for you. $8, $30 deals, $50 a year, it doesn't matter...but to some, it's not worth it. That is AS VALID as saying it is worth it.

Kushan4006d ago

I'm a PC gamer. I own a PS3. I pay for live.
I hate having to pay for the service, I wish it was free, but I do appreciate that of all 3 platforms, it is actually the best service (PC is sort of better in some respects, but doesn't have anything like cross-game chat or profiles, although there are ways around that). Does the best service mean it's worth even $30 a year? I dunno, I begrudge paying it but I definitely get my monies worth.

UltimateIdiot9114006d ago

I agree with you. I could never justify paying to play online mainly because I have other stuff in my life to do than game + game online. I can't game online everyday and sometimes I go weeks without gaming. With PSN, not gaming online doesn't matter to me since it's free. Not gaming on XBL would mean value lost. I have 3 friends who stop paying for Live because they are just too busy to play online all the time and paying doesn't justify it.

ActionBastard4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

That's my biggest issue. I have a wife and 3 kids and wasting money for a 12 or 13 month subscription that I'll only play 6 months online (if that)is not in the cards. Yeah, there's 1/3/12 month cards, but wasting money is wasting money. For me, I like playing SF4 online for free. And Killzone 2. And COD. You get my point:)

Ghoul4006d ago

"For me, I like playing SF4 online for free. And Killzone 2. And COD. You get my point:) "

Thats exactly the point, the only game i cant play online is gears, the rest i bought only for ps3 ever since i cancled live

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SpoonyRedMage4006d ago

I recently got a silver account to get all the free DLC for the games I have(there's quite a bit as well!) and I'm fine with my silver account for now, Online gaming has never been a high priority for me but if I want to I'll upgrade, it doesn't cost much anyway.

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