Unlike Xbox 360's Live, PS3 Home Trophies Optional For Now Reports:

"Xbox 360's Live requires that developers add achievements to every game that's submitted. Rumors had been floating around that the new PS3 Home would also have mandatory trophies.

Sony prez Phil Harrison denies that any decision has been made regarding the new PS3 Home awards system."

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CaliGamer4637d ago

Makes sense, good logic behind that. Certain games lend for this more than others so why be militant and require every publisher to use it. I'm sure eventually this will work itself all out, it's not even a big concern but I am happy of the direction they are going in on this.

frostbite064637d ago

As much as certain games lend for it, it should still be a all or none aproach.

shikwan4637d ago (Edited 4637d ago )

It's ONLY 10 minutes work BUT it's not going to be required.

It only takes 10 seconds for the gas man to check my fluids at the pump-but it shouldn't be required.

Once again, Sony is half-stepping. They know achievments is a hit so what wouklb be the harm in requiring all games to support it?

It's the same direction (essentially)that they've taken for their online approach.

techie4637d ago

They dont want to scare developers away before they've even started...once it is fully realized that it isn't much effort to make these trophies and the whole development community can see this expect it to be a requirement.

shikwan4637d ago

Why would devs be scared away from doing 10 min of work which most do already on the 360 AND they know the GAMING community supports it????

techie4637d ago

Well if that's the case then it'll be fine...because sony will suggest that they would like it done

2tired2day2hate4637d ago

ms knows that online play and achievements REALLY PROLONG a games lifespan (see Gears Of War). so why does sony halfa** online support and achievements?

i have nothing but confidence that sony will get it right and start to offer great exclusive features, but why wait so long and stumble so much before doing it?

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The story is too old to be commented.