Game Informer: Empire: Total War Review

Empire also introduces naval battles for the first time. Watching your deckhands prep their ships for battle is awesome, but as the frigates and sloops move in for the kill they often engage in an awkward tango of shifting sails over which players have minimal control. Since every real-time battle is an opt-in affair, not even these battle deficiencies can take away from the fantastic Empire experience. This is one of the most sophisticated, entertaining, and historically accurate strategy games ever made.

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TitanUp3999d ago

oh my gosh i have to get this game :)

Old_School_Gamer3999d ago

I already have it. Took me 4 hours to download it off of steam. The game is freaking Epic.

Vecta3999d ago

What the hell, hasn't any one on this site played a Total War game before?

JOEdANGEL3999d ago

I heard there were some problems with this game. Was that just a load of BS?

ParanoidMonkey3999d ago

No, not necessarily. The load times are ungodly, especially for naval battles. I've heard it can have some performance issues even on beastly machines. I think there's a patch coming out next week to fix some optimization issues, but other than that it's f'ing FANTASTIC and totally deserves the scores it's getting.

s2kphile3999d ago

Awesome Game. I bought pre-ordered mines off steam and i played for 5 hours straight. The game is huge & epic and I especially love the naval battles it looks so detail. I've played lot of RTS (Warcraft/Starcraft/Command & Conquer/Dawn of War/Company of Heros/) and I must say that the Total War Series is the fun RTS I've played ever but it's very complex for beginners.

Old_School_Gamer3999d ago

The water in this game is gorgeous.

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