Game Informer: Halo Wars Review

Though Halo Wars is a vanilla RTS at its core, it's a solidly made one that proves that traditional genre mechanics can work on console. This is a fitting send-off for one of the best-loved RTS studios in the world.

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Old_School_Gamer4004d ago

So Gameinformer is saying that Empire Total War is only .5 points better then Halo Wars? Also,, they gave Killzone 2 an 8.5. Who the heck is running the show over there? Major Nelson?

JokesOnYou4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Well looks like you haven't been gaming long enough to know that games are compared to other games in the genre, therefore a 9 for a RTS has nothing to do with a 8.5 for an FPS.

Its like saying a simple Arcade title doesn't eserves a 8 or 9 because it doesn't have great graphics we see in shooters or the depth of gameplay and story in an RPG. It's funny that you mention it 'cause I've been playing KZ2 and Halo Wars all week, who would of thought my ps3 and 360 could be so much fun playing these two games. Its weird, this is the first time I've played both of them for hours at a time in one week. lmfao, I'm so spoiled.


heroicjanitor4004d ago

They seem to have given it a 9 not because it is a great game, but because it isn't a bad one. This is the complete opposite of killzone 2 reviews(which have nothing to do with it as you said, but shows the difference in mentality when reviewing halo or killzone) The killzone reviews took points off for minor details which weren't perfect, whereas this adds points on for every detail they find which isn't bad

JoySticksFTW4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

I'm a PS3 fan and I have to say that GI is one of the only magazines that I trust... eventhough that I don't agree with them all of the time

snipermk04004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Halo Wars is not even an RTS. Just keep moving and keep blowing up stuff. No variety.

JokesOnYou4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

"My problem is
They seem to have given it a 9 not because it is a great game, but because it isn't a bad one" -heroicjanitor

-No your problem is you can't accept they have a different opinion then whatever you have in your mind, I read the review and it didn't "seem" that way at all, it was short and to the point like most of their reviews. I see plenty of reason for the 9, and furthermore they don't need much reason other than "hey I played the game and imo it deserves a 9", same way for those reviews that scored it lower than what I think it should get, if a site thinks its a 5, then its a 5 for that reviewer. I got the feeling if the AI was better and it had more depth he would of scored it much higher possibly a 10.

"This all adds up to a gameplay formula that is light on the boring kind of micromanagement (tech trees, resource gathering, and base building) and heavy on using awesome units to blow the hell out of the enemy." -GameInformer

-This is what I like most about Halo Wars, I actually posted several comments describing the gameplay in similiar terms long before I read it in this review. I think this guy hit the nail on the head with that statement for those of us who enjoy HW's.


slak4004d ago

All i know is that halowars is a good RTS mad fun to play KZ is a other game that you must have this year ....GAME ON :)

Lifendz4003d ago

Wow....the scores for this one are all over.

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ASSASSYN 36o4004d ago

Man This game is intense online. Sometimes the battles last minutes or an hour. I just got off a long fight that ended with a scarab rush!

green4004d ago

The last game i just ended a few minutes ago lasted for 58 minutes.

Spydiggity4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

this is the first game i've played in a while, of any genre, where i want to play it more and more as i'm playing it. usually i slowly start to get bored of a game, but i've probably done 50-60 online matches and i keep coming up with little tricks to get faster and make new strats.

for the people that have only a ps3, stop voicing your opinion just cuz it's a halo game. believe it or not, your thoughts on the halo franchise don't influence our thoughts on quality. good for you that you love killzone, that has nothing to do with the 360 or halo wars. stop trolling and go play playstation (if it has such amazing games, why are you posting in forums about games for systems you don't own??).

@old_school_gamer: you're a tool -- not a gamer.

ASSASSYN 36o4004d ago

I just finished a 3 vs 3 whooper of a game. It lasted 2 hours. We went back and fourth winning ground and losing it. Finally, with a flank by one single unit the brute chief to an enemy base and a grizzly and locust plus scarab rush the other way we smashed them by splitting their forces. Enemy base after enemy base fell. I haven't had this much fun since C&C on the pc!

TitanUp4004d ago

fun game its 8.5 though

Firstkn1ghT4004d ago

But but the 360 has no games. :(

pwnsause4004d ago

yea it has no games this year.

Firstkn1ghT4004d ago

Well so far Halo Wars, Ninja Blade, and Star Ocean have all gotten great reviews. That's 3 games so far. That's more than sony :)

pixelsword4004d ago

Halo 3: 94%
Killzone 2: 91%
Resistance 2: 87%
Haze: 55%

LMAO! Try again sony fanboys :)

So, now halo wars has an average of 82% (Under Resistance 2) according to you, it's a "try again" title.

snipermk04004d ago

Lemme rephrase that for you..

LBP: 96
Metal Gear Solid 4: 94, Halo 3: 94
Killzone 2: 91
Uncharted: 88
Too human: 65

There, thats more like it..

thenickel4004d ago

Or how about Halo3= 10 million sold


LBP= 2 million sold lol

It would take 3 big ecxclusives from PS3 to match one on 360.

snipermk04003d ago

finally, we come to sales numbers. If I were a pathetic sales man, thats all I'd care about as well.. But, I'm a gamer instead and I value fun and gameplay over salezzzzz.... PWND much

Arnon4003d ago

No... what's really pwnage is the fact that you have 3 bubbles while the guy you are "pwning" has more. Which would, in theory, show you post a lot of fud. Kinda like pwnsauce up there.

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