Violence Hurting Video Games?!

"Now here's a subject that gets beat to death (pun intended). We hear about this from angry parents, the media, and certain disbarred Florida attorneys (looking at you Mr. Thompson). What about the gamers? How do the people who play the games feel about the violence in video games? Well, let's see."

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GarandShooter4004d ago

It's all make believe. No pixels were hurt in the playing of this game as certified by

SinnedNogara4004d ago

What a director need to do is make a VERY controversal movie. With gore, violence, and lots of XXX content, people will say "This is much worse than these video games". It makes sense. If people aren't freaked out about a certain movie then we are all stubborn. Video games don't do anything to kids. Look at me for example.

People will panic about anything. For 40 years people in New York banned pinball because it was considered a form of gambling.

Watch this:

Hallucinate4004d ago

no belive it or not..the media is *killing* gaming..besides dont like the violance? dont buy it pretty damn simple