WTP Review: Peggle Dual Shot

Peggle Dual Shot is a collection of two popular PC titles – Peggle and Peggle Nights – both of which challenge players to clear all of the orange pegs by launching balls from the top of the screen.

Ten balls are given to the player at the start of each stage, and though you have no control over the ball after it is fired, you must strategically aim your shots to remove all the orange pegs before you run out of balls. Additional balls are granted for high-scoring shots or landing your ball in the rotating bucket at the bottom of the screen. Each group of stages is watched over by a "Peggle master" that grants you a special power to use when you hit one of the two green pegs on the screen, such as a triple score multiplier or a blast that removes all nearby pegs. In addition, if you are able to hit five of the purple pegs within a single stage, you'll enter a "Bonus Underground" area that lets you collect gems that increase your score and help unlock new levels.

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