Hacking group Imply of TIFF exploit for PS3

The latest readme file from a well known hacking group (PDX) implies that there is a TIFF exploit for the PS3. They state up until v1.51 of the PS3 firmware there are still holes, and all backup games are loading fine up until now. They say Sony has to learn more from MS and stop implimenting so much "stuff" as its leaving them very vulnerable.

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wildcat4636d ago (Edited 4635d ago )


HighPs3v24636d ago (Edited 4636d ago )

Not to mention this guy has been saying he has a hack for months now and nothing has surfaced just a bunch of useless iso's. RFOM 17gb who in their right mind would download that? Plus you need a Blu Ray disc to even get it on the Ps3.

And who really hasnt updated there ps3 past 1.51? Probably only a few being as you get cut off completly from online if you dont.

For the price of a Blu Ray player to burn 1 game image you could have bought every Ps3 game.

As far as homebrew just install Linux. Pacman, Frogger, Emulators are all done already.

Guess we will see being as the EU launch is less than 2 weeks away and thats when its suppose to be released.

Oh and dont forget ANOTHER update that probably EVERY ps3 user will be downloading!

Silver3604635d ago

It the argument that people want to run home brew on consoles or do they want to hack the system so they can play free PS3 games. I see a huge problem with the later that is straight up stealing. Running home brew is what you make it but playing a copied title is wrong.

XerockX4635d ago

I really don't give a flying fu*k about hacking on the 360 or ps3. I paid a lot of money for these two systems and actually enjoy spending my hard earned cash on a game every now and then.It just makes me appreciate a game more. Yeah my old xbox is modded, but i bought my fair share of games,too.(40-45)

OldSchoolGamer4635d ago

Losers will exploit any open avenue they can to gain advantages online (Mod), and ruin any fun gaming experiences you might have had. This is the biggest concern with this flaw in the PS3. With an open operating system like Linux these mods are not too far behind, especially considering the networking abilities of these machines. Anyone who has played a against a cheater in Halo 2 knows how this can ruin what was once a great online experience.

OldSchoolGamer4635d ago

Hackers are a very open community as that is how they get there jollies, as recognition. Unfortunately, this is where the problem lies. As most real hackers are content to use their abilities to make changes to a game that are fun for all or for personal use. They also tend to post this stuff in program form for easy download from the web, which makes little kids able to easily find these mods and hack programs and they use them in ways or more often than real hackers intended giving them a bad name. These little kids think then they are real hackers.