Resident Evil 5 Launch Party to Have New Game Announcements

GOONL!NE: "Capcom have confirmed that if your going to the official launch party for Resident Evil 5 in San Francisco, you will meet the voice actors for Sheva and Chris as well as their motion capture actors plus get to meet producer Jun Takeuchi and many more as you are waiting for midnight when you can get your hands on Resident Evil 5.

But the best part?

There will be game reveals there on Thursday night."

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saruwatari4006d ago

Dino Crisis 4!


Kick The Ass4006d ago

RE2 remake?
RE6 seems a little too.. hasty.

Panthers4006d ago

I would like either of you guys idea. Dinos on PS3 would be sick and so would RE2.

Staircase4006d ago

I swear I'll kill somebody if that is it.

Dark_Vendetta4006d ago

that made me laugh, have a bubble :D

Kick The Ass4006d ago

When I think about it, hasn't there been some fuzz around Umbrella Chronicles 2?

iNcRiMiNaTi4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

the article is hinting at more than one release tho since it says "announcements". it could be UC2. and RE5 pc was already confirmed so i doubt its that. maybe another series spin off. or *prays to god* an re2 remake

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The story is too old to be commented.