Game Industry Immunity Expires; Gamers Everywhere Brace for Shoddy Sequels

"The games industry, once thought to be recession proof, took a major hit on Wall Street yesterday with stocks from several companies slipping in value. But what does that really mean for consumers?"


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cain1414003d ago

New IP's> Normal Sequels > WW2 Games > Sports Games > Crappy Minigame Collections

Looks like we might not see as many of the first next few years. The ones aready being done should be safe, but I don't know how many new ones they will start...

cyguration4003d ago

as if we don't get enough mini-game compilations already? Heh.

cain1414003d ago

Really good podcast here about the wii where one of the guests postulates that those minigame collections will be the first to stop selling in the current state of the economy...

Viewtiful4003d ago

IT's tough because this really becomes cyclical. They make crappy sequels, and then the franchise piddles out and doesn't sell as well anymore. Then they have nothing left because they weren't broadening their portfolio looking for their next big franchise.

cain1414003d ago

That's a very good point to make as well...

stewie328874003d ago

Sigh. Yet another thing to interfere with my gaming...

VirtualKatz4002d ago

Ah crappy games, what more can we ask for lol.

SpoonyRedMage4002d ago

Why the hell did Sony drop? Haven't they been doing amazingly?

cyguration4002d ago

Sony is only doing amazing in the eyes of delusional fanboys. Read some REAL news and the picture is completely different. Sony's stocks haven't been doing well since late last year.

SirLarr4002d ago

That's the problem, it's just people losing confidence and dumping stock for no real reason.

SpoonyRedMage4002d ago

Well I know they're facing trouble like everyone else but I thought with their recent success in Japan I thought they'd be safe for now.

And I'm definately not a Sony fanboy, 360 owner and proud.

Mahr4002d ago

"Well I know they're facing trouble like everyone else but I thought with their recent success in Japan I thought they'd be safe for now."

Well, two things could probably explain the stock drop here: The first being that Japan, while being one of the major parts of the game market, is inconsequential in regards to the world market. Unless sustained for a significiant amount of time, dominance in a single region doesn't really amount to much financially. This was true even historically when Japan had a much greater share of the market demographic.

The second being that even as recently as three months ago, it was known for certain that Sony was still eating a loss on every PS3 sold. I kind of doubt that in that time, component prices have fallen that drastically so as to make the financial ecology on per system profit tick over nicely, so a 130% increase in the hardware sales isn't particularly useful in the short-run unless software units are moving fast enough to recoup the losses. If they're not...well, it's not really something that inspires much confidence.

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