The Hidden Costs of Goozex...and How to Avoid Them

Goozex a great service that lets you trade games you've already played, no longer want, or for games you don't have. The Goozex system is simple, nicely automated, and it saves you money compared to the retail purchase of used games. But, if you don't pay attention, it can be very expensive.

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roblef4009d ago

i KNEW there was a catch! :)

bgrundman4009d ago

Its a catch, but honestly, when you are normally paying 60 bucks for a game, this is not bad at all.

CrAppleton4009d ago

Yeah.. I suppose in the grand scheme of things.. it's still not that bad

bgrundman4009d ago

I can totally live with the startup costs of using goozex. In the end it is very cost efficient.

CrAppleton4009d ago

If you're in to used games then it IS worth your startup money

used cisco4008d ago

Yeah, it's not really a catch. Basically, the issue is this.
The theory on goozex is that points are points. A 1000 point game has the same value as 10 x 100 point games. But that's not quite how it works. In order to use 10 x 100 point games to get a 1000 point game, you have to pay quiet a bit of shipping. This is not a secret, but it's something you don't notice right away. If 1000 goozex points cost $50, you'd think that 10 x 100 point games would be worth $50. But because of shipping, 10 x 100 point games are really only worth about $25.