Square Enix New and Upcoming European Releases (March 2009)

Square Enix has a mammoth amount of games hitting europe this Spring!
Square Enix hints we should also be getting a announcement for the release of Dissidia Final Fantasy & Star Ocean: The Last Hope for Europe very soon!

New and upcoming Square Enix European releases:
Persona 4 (Sony PlayStation 2)
THE LAST REMNANT (Microsoft Windows PC)
FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: Echoes of Time (Nintendo Wii / Nintendo DS)
DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY (Sony PlayStation Portable)
My Pet Shop (Nintendo DS)
STAR OCEAN: The Last Hope (Microsoft Xbox 360)
DISGAEA 3: Absence of Justice (Sony PlayStation 3)
DISGAEA DS (Nintendo DS)
RHAPSODY: A Musical Adventure (Nintendo DS)
VALKYRIE PROFILE: Covenant of the Plume (Nintendo DS)

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facepalm4003d ago

^-^ Who thinks they'll release the PS3 version of TLR after FFXIII??

I'm starting to think that... Either that or they will cancel it.

Rick AstIey4003d ago

Keep that trash on 360. The Last Remnant is awful.

SpoonyRedMage4003d ago

The Last Remnant's fantastic and the PC version's even better. I think it'll come to PS3 before FFXIII, so it doesn't get totally overshadowed.

Kouzmich4003d ago

They will release this game some time before FFXIII and they will include a FFXIII demo in it and it will sell like crazy.
Thats the only scenario I see for even thinking to get this game.
If not I'll just torrent it for PC.

rebirthofcaos4003d ago

it think they will cancel it since maybe microsoft will pay extra for that.

deanobi4003d ago

DISGAEA 3: Absence of Justice (Sony PlayStation 3) is a game i havent really heard much about.

By the looks of the gameplay and graphics, I ask is it really a Playstation 3 game?

It looks like the Nintendo Gameboy would have no trouble playing it...

Sprudling4003d ago

The graphics aren't great, but the game is very much so.

Also, it's already out in Europe (Feb 20th), so it shouldn't be on that list.

GWAVE4003d ago

I wonder if S-E will finally start to deliver on the promise (that they've made multiple times) that they're going to be a multiplatform company that treats all platforms equally.

All I can see right now is Wada running the company into the toilet.

Neoraf4003d ago

You sound like a bitter Sony Fanboy...
If you want to play Square-Enix games, go buy yourself a Xbox360.

Don't live in the past.
Things change in this world.

GWAVE4003d ago

I have a 360. Unfortunately, every single one of S-E's next gen games has been crap.

Still, there's absolutely nothing fanboyish about pointing out an obvious discrepancy between what a company says and what a company is actually doing. If you were a gamer, you'd be upset about things like that, too.

creeping judas4003d ago

if you indeed have a 360, why not input your gamertag in your bio??
and only then will I believe you, when you dis a 360 game.

SpoonyRedMage4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Disgaea 3 is a game that proves that graphics don't make a good game.

Well GWAVE they have The Last Remnant and FFXIII going to PS3(region free) this year so it looks like they're coming closer to being equal.

Can't wait for Echoes of Time.

@V: Yes it does, I can actually wait for it though because otherwise I'd miss a lot of other games. May be by the time it's released in Europe(in the summer) Tri-Ace will have done a PS3 port.

syphenlimit4003d ago

About your response to V, Spoony: have you seen the European Disgaea 3 site: - there's a link to it, but scroll to the bottom, and you'll see a strange name! You're right about NIS America, not publishing in Europe though.

SpoonyRedMage4003d ago

Yup NIS Europe who are classed as the license holders in Europe as they're a subsidiary of NIS, but Square Enix is publishing it.

Kind of confused as to why NIS Europe isn't publishing it though.

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The story is too old to be commented.