Is MTV foolish to charge $59.99 for Beatles: Rock Band on Wii?

Beatles: Rock Band is hitting retail on September 9, and everyone is excited. That even includes Wii owners who should be getting the game day-and-date with the release on other competing consoles, unlike Rock Band 1 and Rock Band 2.

OK, so what's the catch? In yesterday's announcement, MTV Games stated that the standalone version of the Beatles: Rock Band disc would cost $59.99. Even though most Wii games are priced at $49.99 or lower on Nintendo's popular console, 1UP has confirmed with MTV Games that the $59.99 pricing is indeed correct.

Pacific Crest Securities analyst Evan Wilson tells 1UP he doesn't think $60 will become the standard, and states that MTV Games likely thinks "the market will bear a higher price due to the attractiveness of the content."

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Myst4003d ago

Actually, I kind of thing it's rather foolish to make another disc based add-on when they could have made it DLC from the get-go. :/ I mean they did a big marketing thing against the Guitar Hero Franchise and it's slowly starting to look as if they want to do the same thing as Activision (Make mounds of DVD and Bluray disc based games when they could make it DLC)

Makes me wonder though if someone will buy this over Rock band 2, or if they will skip past this knowing to well that Rock band 2 is the best choice of the two. Then again, I'm sure there are probably a lot of Beatles fans who just may pick it up :].