OXM UK: Ninja Blade Preview

OXM UK's introduction to Ninja Blade's main character, the underwhelmingly named Ken, comes in a level part-way through the game. A helicopter flies over a beautifully detailed Tokyo by night, and hanging underneath like a man-sized bat is Ken, looking as nonchalant as someone waiting for the bus.

The relative peace is disturbed when a giant, disgusting Dune-inspired mutant worm suddenly smashes into view.

It's tough not to be instantly impressed by the sheer scale of Ninja Blade. Much of the action takes place high above the city's streets, and it provides a vast backdrop for the positively enormous monsters you'll end up facing.

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Rick AstIey4000d ago

His name is Ken? Very creative.

N4PS3G4000d ago

Rick Astley? very creative. You should work for them :)