Killzone 2 Home space confirmed

The Dutch PlayStation website went to Guerrilla Games yesterday for yet another interview with the developers. This interview will come online later this week, but during the interview they gained information about the Killzone 2 Home space and Home integration.

At the moment Guerrilla Games is hard at work with additional content for Killzone 2. There not just working on patches and the upcoming DLC, but also on full Home integration.

They are going to add everything that Home supports. This includes at least a KZ2 Home Space and gamelaunching. The rest of the information is still classified, but there is some more information in the news item on the site.

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Syphled4010d ago

Until now Home has not bothered me that much, but this sounds promising! I really enjoy Killzone 2 and if I can gamelaunch through Home, I might give it a try again.

Also curious at what else they will make for home since they are going to make everything Home supports!

Thanks for the news update.

pwnsause4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

well, unlocking clothing and stuff like that. I cant wait for the SCEE portable IDs though.

kwicksandz4010d ago

IF sony cant even get its internal studios to implement home intergration along with their games how do they expect 3rd partys to?

-EvoAnubis-4010d ago

"IF sony cant even get its internal studios to implement home intergration along with their games how do they expect 3rd partys to?"

They (3rd parties) already do (RE5), and your logic can be applied directly to Halo Wars/Avatars.

pixelsword4009d ago

Sony needs to start a whole dev group just for that purpose for their first party(ish) games and exclusives.

but then again, Capcom was able to do it before the game came out, so I don't know what the problem is for other devs.

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Rehabinum4010d ago

U take the words right out of my mouth Syphled! This is indeed promising and if they can make everything Home supports, then maybe I will give Home a second try.

Until then you wont find me there, just at the Killzone 2 multiplayer.

Spike474010d ago

Home is okay, its free so thats good.

Nathaniel_Drake4010d ago

Yup come and go as you please!!! =)

SprSynJn4010d ago

And adding sections of games you are playing, with the ability to meet new friends to play those games, will make Home a great addition to the PSN.

pwnsause4010d ago

good, they can easily add game launching to this game since it uses the lobby system. I want to see how Insomniac Integrates game launching with Resistance 2 thru its match making system, maybe it will do game launching for its party system at best.

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The story is too old to be commented.