Top Five Upcoming Playstation 3 Exclusive Games After Killzone 2

Killzone 2 is the latest exclusive hit for the Playstation 3. Fortunately, Sony still has plenty of exclusive games planned for the near and far future.

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Spike474001d ago

God of War 3 and Uncharted 2 will be epic.

RememberThe3574001d ago

They really needed to do a top ten.

Venomish4001d ago

according to the latest issue of PSM, god of war and uncharted are both coming late 09.
I doubt god of war is going to make it in 09, but uncharted should.

arika4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

seriously my top 5 pick's would be:



3 GT5


5 FF13

this list is making me drool already.(wipes some gooey mess of the floor. sorry guys can't help it)

Freak of Nature4001d ago

Well GOW3 and Uncharted are no brainers,and Infamous another top 5 to 10 game on most peoples lists.

As for me..... Ratchet and Clank future 2 is another candidate on my top 5 list.

I sure hope to hear an announcement for the next Jak game,at least that it's in the works? And my most anticipated game,the next Team ICO game,that would be almost too great......

4000d ago
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SnuggleBandit4000d ago

I REALLY hope that Heavy Rain is amazing! I know the graphics are pure madness but i hope it plays amazing!!!

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Nelson M4001d ago

But for now
Killzone 2 will have to do
Back to Warzone
Ha Ha

Myst4001d ago

For the most part I think a few articles like these is what helps people overlook a few other games that are coming out which are exclusive to the PS3. Don't get me wrong their great games, but their are other games coming out that are good to. One such game I am looking at is Cross Edge or (X-Edge to some). A Cross-Genre (?) RPG if I remember correctly, Release date was set for this month, but was pushed back to May to add Trophy Support.

For the most part I think their needs to be a list of games that are going to be Top-Notch and are coming out for the Playstation 3. Just to give awareness to other games, though I cannot argue. I do want God of War III and I will have to pick up both uncharted games' later on :).

pippoppow4001d ago

A top 5 does a disservice overall to the fantastic 09 lineup for the PS3. There should just be a list of games projected to be top tier titles which the PS3 has plenty of and definitely more than just 5. It sort of is a way of downplaying the amount of high profile titles the PS3 really has.

BMS844001d ago

and also want to check GT5 out.;)

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The story is too old to be commented.