When Is the Next Version of the iPhone Coming Out?

Thinking about buying a new iPhone but want to know when the version is coming out? Apple doesn't usually give much warning about when a new product is going on sale, and the iPhone is no different. Currently, the best guess for the third version of the iPhone is June-July 2009. The official release date won't be released until a few weeks or even days ahead of time, but there is a lot of evidence pointing to those range of dates.

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freediro4002d ago

umm yes they are making it because there is a little thing called demand thus Apple is supplying.

you got it?

end of the lesson for the people who don't think before they type on this site.

Millah4002d ago

duh of course its gonna be June. Apples been moving towards a yearly refresh schedule, and June is iPhone time, just like September is when Apple refreshes iPods.

Theres already been a leaked photo from the factories in China of the new backing of the iPhone, a black matte with metal finish.