GamingTrend Review: Flower

GamingTrend writes: "Flower is a mesmerizing game that truly feels unique, and showcases how Six-Axis control can bring the gamer closer to the experience. Would I care to discuss the nuances in the presentation? Perhaps, but only while lazing around with a friend or two on an afternoon that's measured out with coffee spoons (and TS Elliot) - there isn't any room for complaints around the presentation that can't be explained away with art interpretation. There are however some serious considerations in buying Flower - length and cost being the most prominent, and game-induced nausea being on your individual experiences.

I'd recommend Sony start bundling this game rather than PAIN with PS3s to truly show how they set themselves apart. Flower isn't a perfect game, and it may not hold your interest long - but while it does, you may just find yourself loving it and hoping there is more to come."

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