Video Game Market Feeling The Crunch looks at the stock market crash and all the gaming layoffs and talks about now it will impact us gamers and not in a good way.

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cain1414004d ago

For now stock is just going to keep dropping. Eventually it won't. The economy is cyclical... let it do its thing...

astrobrights4004d ago

People are making a big deal out of nothing. This is also the 2nd or 3rd article with almost the exact same story on N4G in the past week.

Steve5194004d ago

the market being down isn't a huge thing (it is still big), but the all the gaming layoffs are a huge deal and will impact our games.

cyguration4004d ago

You mean this news isn't worth getting out there, as opposed to the ten or twenty articles about the "PS3 owning 2009" or the "Xbox 360 meeting its end"?

Dude, at least this is news I haven't seen.