Do you think 2.70 is true?

TheGamingOwl writes: Numerous forums, threads, news articles - all about some features that are supposedly "leaked" and coming forth in the next PS3 firmware update 2.70. Let me make this clear, nothing, and I mean nothing, is ever truly confirmed unless it comes directly out of Sony's mouth. This is like the rumors of 2.40 all over again. Except this time, it's a little out of hand. 2.40 seemed a bit more reasonable and it turned out to be true. But this time, people are just letting their imaginations go wild.


Look what Jeff Rubenstein from the official PS Blog wrote:

"This is why rumors suck. Don’t believe *anything* firmware-related until you read it here. Seriously."

And what did I state earlier in this post?

"Let me make this clear, nothing, and I mean nothing, is ever truly confirmed unless it comes directly out of Sony's mouth."

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DavidMacDougall4003d ago

Don't matter if its not true by the next firmware but it will be somewhere down the road

Masta_fro4002d ago

this guys an idiot dont even bother hitting the link.

ThanatosDMC4001d ago

We cant just wait for it to come out?

TrueStoryGuy4001d ago

There will always be someone who thinks the features suck, or not what they're expecting. Or, if it's exactly what they're expecting, they'll complain that Sony should have implemented it sooner.

Naucious4001d ago

true or not bottom line something needs to be done in the next upcoming months....

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ps921174003d ago

If such things were to, come that would be cool but I really don't care bout those features, in my personal opinion just work a bit with web browser, a redecorate psn, more avatars, and lol media servers how bout you work on that one especially netflix so we can say to 360ers our netflix is better, lol I bet they didn't even had a clue we could also access netflix.

ape0074003d ago

denied it,sony working hard on,home spaces

70% true

30% fake

that's my thoughts

Hallucinate4002d ago

well idk if it was fake sony would have denied it imetditly this is just some viral marketing sony *could* be doing

uie4rhig4002d ago

99% of the times when they say "we don't comment on rumors" you can be sure that the rumor is true
denying: 50% chance that the rumors are true
not saying anything: 99% that the rumors arent true..

mark my words, fw 2.70 contains those features, and i'll eat my hat!!

Dimitri4002d ago

Definetely true, this update in indeed coming out this month. But this is just like those other updates with bring more stability to the system while playing some PS3 titles.

The real deal is with 3.20 which will definetely be released in May-June.

Handsome_Devil4002d ago

"well since it is only a "reliable source" then no one well believe you. and some maybe think you were dreaming. Specially you are talking about "3.20" and we are still at 2.70, if sony had this ready why would they hold it and keep the competition ahead

see where I'm going there, I would think they already started on 2.80, and maybe 2.90, but I really don't think they got to 3.0 yet. and still don't Have a clear idea with what they want to do with 3.0 "

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The story is too old to be commented.