Does Killzone 2 take Call of Duty 4's Crown?

It only took me two hours to come to the conclusion that Call of Duty 4 was finally trumped as king. My decision based upon writing this article fell only on the reason that I want every FPS fan to play this game. If you do not have a Playstation 3, and you love FPS, now is the best time to go ahead and pick one up, along with a copy of Killzone 2.

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DelbertGrady3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

"Submission Quality
Please rate the quality of the news post.
You have rated this submission "Not good"
Cancel Rate"

Nuff said.

FaSeCeX3998d ago

idk bout it taking the crown or anything, but clan support is awesome on this is the class system and their abilities

overall this article is crap tho, like my 60gb ps3 (died on me) ive noticed more 60gb's starting to die recently, more than usual...if u happen to be one of the unlucky 1's that have a ps3 start blinking a red light at its power supply before sending it in..more times than not it seems to be what craps out on u..u can easily fix it

thor3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

It's an opinion piece. These get posted all the time here on N4G. Just because it's HHG doesn't mean it should fail... it's actually quite well-written. It's impressions of Killzone 2, and is worthy of being posted here. It doesn't break any guidelines.

Don't quite know why I'm getting disagreed with here... can someone tell me which guidelines this article breaks, compared to one entitled "Killzone 2 impressions"? Because I'm sure that we've had hundreds of THOSE articles and that's fine, because they're good to read, and completely valid.

riderofpl4gues3998d ago

I wrote the article for HHG. Thank you for the feeback.

GWAVE3998d ago

It's an opinion piece, just like the many opinion articles stating that "Halo 4 will blow Killzone 2 out of the water" and whatnot. Of course, here on N4G it always seems that any article that takes an overly pro-Sony stance is worthy of reporting, but singing the praises of Microsoft (even if it means fudging the facts) is perfectly legit.

Kyur4ThePain3998d ago

Then go start up Last I checked this was still NEWS for Gamers.
The fact that it's going to hell doesn't mean we have to help speed it along on its way with this, does it?

aceitman3998d ago

im sure u have a 360 by your comment anything to down the ps3 and its sucess did u notice how many 360s died im on my 6th one how about u

pswi603998d ago

you cannot deny that CoD:4 is one of the best shooters ever

but you cannot deny that Killzone 2 is also one of the best

there is always room at the top for epic games like this

3998d ago
pixelsword3998d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

You already admitted you were a racist, and a "hardcore" one at that

I can't really say that you will look at the article for what it is, but by who it's by.

Kyur4ThePain3998d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

THAT was an utterly retarded comment.
Why are you bringing that into this discussion?

Shepherd 2143998d ago

cod4 never had the crown, no matter what you say

Kaliumhest3998d ago

I can honestly say that shooting in Killzone 2 just feels much better than it does in CoD4, Gears 2, Resistance 2 etc. You just want to sqeeze that trigger and blow some Helghast to Helghan with the awesome weapons.

On the multiplayer side of things, it's pretty much just as good as CoD4, while better in some areas.

Overall, a game you HAVE to pick up if you own a PS3. If you don't, you should consider getting one now.

Gantrfaxx3998d ago

As far as i'm concerned it takes the crown because i'm not even thinking of COD anymore and i'm not that interested in COD6. Definitely not if it's gonna be like COD4 with new maps and 3 new weapons and without dedicated servers.
For now Kz2 multiplayer is perfect to me and is one step ahead of any console FPS.

THE TRUTH3998d ago

In my humble opinion CoD4 never really had a FPS crown. I guess the fact that CoD4 didn't really have the depth to keep me into the online aspect of the game is a real fault of the game overall. Killzone 2 is just on another whole level as far as I am concerned. Graphics wise, gameplay wise and overall fun wise it completly trumps CoD4.

The gameplay changes with each new objective in Killzone 2, completly changing the gameplay elements every 5 or so minutes and makes gamers not only work together for victories but challenges gamers who choose certain job classes to play at different angles throughout the game. The gamplay alone is what makes the game so exciting to play because of the balance and so many elements going on all at once.

GG really out did themselves with this game, CoD4 is a great game for a pick upand play type setting but it fails to really get gamers involved on the level Killone2 does. The statment "war perfected" really puts things into perspective because it takes teamwork and really an understanding of your job and squad to really dominate this game. CoD4 is really a more single player online experience where teamwork isn't as needed, one player can totally dominate the multiplayer aspect of the game.

Seriously I am exctited everytime I turn on my ps3 and ready to play some warzone, a few beers and my clan members included and I'm off for hours. I love the controls and the total feel of the game. Overall as a gamer this is the kind of game that moves the bar so other developers step their game up, the end result is exciting because now developers have to raise the bar instead of stream rolling FPS's out the gate.

I'm seriously awaiting the next game that can trump a game like Killzone2, what a great time to be a gamer!

Psn is Sumtynnaztee clan= wWw (worldWide westside)

The next game on my radar is zipper's M.A.G.

pixelsword3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

How is it "utterly retarded" I'm pointing out that an admitted "hardcore racist" may have a skewed opinion about a website made by a person who is African American and has Latinos, Asians, and Caucasians writing articles and doing upkeep on the site?

You'd be utterly retarded not to factor in that detail in dealing with a person's comments; you can easily point out a PS3 or 360 fanboy when it comes to what they say when they talk about games, but for some reason a person say they're racist then I'm supposed to keep that quiet when they talk about people who write certain articles for some reason.

Screw that.

Kyur4ThePain3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

So let me get this straight...every time he posts something that is related in some direct or indirect way to something a person of color / ethnicity other than his own said, you're going to call him out for being a racist?

If that's the case, YOU, my friend, are the one with the problem.
In no way am I condoning racism, but you're taking it way too far.

evrfighter3998d ago

"How is it "utterly retarded" I'm pointing out that an admitted "hardcore racist" may have a skewed opinion about a website made by a person who is African American and has Latinos, Asians, and Caucasians writing articles and doing upkeep on the site?"

Your very well aware of how much negativity HHG generates here at n4g for allowing articles that are clearly hit pieces to be posted. Trying to pull a racist card on what many feel to be the truth is just plain stupid.

It actually goes beyond just being a console fanboy. But makes you look like a high school drama queen.

pixelsword3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

every time he posts something that is related in some direct or indirect way to something a person of color / ethnicity other than his own said, I was going to call him out for being a racist?

Or did I say that I can't really say that he would look at the article for what it is, but by who it's by.

Do you think 360 fanboys look at PS3 articles a certain way?

Do you think PS3 fanboys look at 360 articles a certain way?

So why would I think a racist WOULDN'T look at certain articles a certain way?

That's just a dumb thing to say, Kyur.

If that's the case, then every time a 360 or PS3 fanboy says something bad about a rival console's game, article, or positive review, then ***it's all based upon facts, and no console based bias at all.

Yeah, that's really intelligent.

***Not to say that it can't be based on facts, but like my original comment said: "I CAN'T REALLY SAY that (they) will look at the article for what it is, but by who it's by (or in this case, what it is for)"... but if you admit you were hated the other console, and "hardcore" at that, then again; I can't really say.

pixelsword3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

WTF are you talking about a racist "card"? Is racism a game? You see racism as fun? Are you betting on it or something?

I didn't pull a "card" of any kind. I didn't say "Soda is saying that because hhg is black" I said what I said because Soda himself said he was a racist.

There's a difference.

Know it before you comment.

And HHG may make "flamboyant" article titles, but no more than Kotaku or other sites; and if you don't like an article or a site that writes an article, it only make a person look stupid by consistently commenting on something he had a choice of reading or not reading.

P.S. @ SODA:

Dude, I apologize for having this drag out to these dimensions, I was only talking to you, but I guess people who see the need to want to ring the "anti-political correctness" bell like a bunch of deranged Quasimotos will want to milk this.

I was just making a jab at you (because of your own comment), and these "pointing out racism is racist" people want to take it too far, as usual.

MNicholas3998d ago

It's like arcade vs sim. You can't compare one with the other. COD 4 and 5 are surely the best "arcade" style shooters out there whereas amongst shooters, nothing screams "sim" quite like Killzone 2.

Some will genuinely prefer the more accessible pick-up and play "arcade" feel of the COD series while others, once they taste the weighty realism and immersion of Killzone 2, will find anything else cheap and distasteful.

pixelsword3998d ago

Yeah, CoD4 is a great game, I wouldn't knock it, but it's auto-aim puts it strictly in the "arcade" genre, and Killzone's weighted guns put it in the "sim" genre; although I wish you could put on more armor and such in either game.

evrfighter3998d ago

"I didn't pull a "card" of any kind. I didn't say "Soda is saying that because hhg is black" I said what I said because Soda himself said he was a racist."

So what part of his comment was racist? or are you just attacking him because he said he was racist. If his comment wasn't shared by many people here at n4g you might have had a point. But the truth is any regular at n4g knows HHG is only in it for hit pieces. So what's the problem?

As far as racism itself goes I can care less about the issue I may be a minority but I'm neither black or white and so in my opinion (which is my opinion so it's not debatable) the racism topic is boring and doesn't concern me. Sure that makes me ignorant but I honestly don't give a damn so spare me the moral defender of justice on his high horse comments.

pixelsword3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

1. why are you so ardent to defend an admitted racist? :)

At any rate to answer your "questions"...

2. "So what part of his comment was racist?"
*Did I say any part of his comment was racist, or did I give a link with Soda stating that he was a racist? Are you filling in blanks just to justify your own inner opinions? RULE NUMBER ONE: It's called reading comprehension... learn it.

3. "or are you just attacking him because he said he was racist"

*How is pointing out a comment HE said attacking him? Can't really answer that one, huh?

4. "If his comment wasn't shared by many people here at n4g you might have had a point. But the truth is any regular at n4g knows HHG is only in it for hit pieces. So what's the problem?"

*A. Everyone is in it for the hit pieces; from the sites to the contributors, so you're not saying anything there. Irregardless if everyone on earth shared his comment, that doesn't detract from the point that I was making; which was that "I COULDN'T REALLY SAY that he will look at the article for what it is, but by who it's by".

5. "As far as racism itself goes I can care less about the issue I may be a minority but I'm neither black or white and so in my opinion (which is my opinion so it's not debatable) the racism topic is boring and doesn't concern me. Sure that makes me ignorant but I honestly don't give a damn so spare me the moral defender of justice on his high horse comments."

*A. Obviously you give a damn if you're going to butt-in and make the comments you made, since no one was talking to you in the first place.

*B. Why do you think Soda is Caucasian? I never said he was Caucasian, again: that's YOU who are filling in blanks. People like you think all because people can post anonymously on the web, it's only Caucasian people saying racist things. He could be the same "minority" as you for all we know; so how did you come to that conclusion? You look at his avatar and think that he was a Caucasian? Well guess what, buddy: I'm not really a sword.

evrfighter3998d ago

why I'm defending a racist you ask? because like I said I don't give a damn about the topic. I only saw you making an idiot out of yourself by posting something that's completely irrelevant to what he wrote and commented on it.

"How is pointing out a comment HE said attacking him? Can't really answer that one, huh?"

Your link would have had more bang if he wasn't right. In other words it's kinda like this

Stewie: Well, that works out perfectly because I CAN HURT YOU! (grabs the gun and aims at Lois' face) Say hi to Cleveland for me! Oh, and Mr. Weed.
(dramatic pause; a gunshot is heard, Lois is unhurt, Stewie looks down at his bleeding chest, another shot is heard and hits Stewie in the head; Peter is seen holding a smoking gun)
Peter: It's just been revoked!
Brian: Uh, Peter, we didn't really set you up for that Lethal Weapon line. It... it doesn't really work here.

as far as everything else about racism you seemed to ramble on about. I won't get into a debate I really don't care at all about. Point is a guy came out and said he's racist (oh wow big whoop) he disagrees with an HHG article (Like MANY people here). You bring up he's a racist completely out of left field like your some sort of political radio host that's fighting the good fight and letting people know the truth.

he's a what? does it give you some sort "HA I just pwned you!!!! cuz I linked everyone to when you said you were racist and you disagree with HHG cuz your racist!!!11" satisfaction?

pixelsword3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

way to go.

All you can do is call someone names and quote Family Guy.


I am so done here...

knock yourself out quoting to the end knowing that I won't answer it.

evrfighter3998d ago

and in the end your arguments been reduced to "wow"

I think enough has been said to let the reader's decide for themselves whether or not to take soda seriously. I'll just leave it at that

f7897903998d ago

No because we have not been given splitscreen. I will sacrifice 60fps to let my friend play with me.

DelbertGrady3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

Sarcasm my friend, sarcasm. You need to learn to read between the lines. Not everything I write in my comments is dead serious, you know ;)

Look at it:

"I've been a hardcore racist for years and let me tell you, this is not racist. If Chris was wearing shoe polish on his face and white gloves while shooting the natives there would be something to discuss."

No racist would openly admit that they are racist lol! For years, like it's something you convert to. And 'hardcore' at that (all you other racists are posers!). I don't get how you could take that comment seriously. Sorry if I offended you in some way but that's just how I joke.

And the shoe polish and gloves was referring to how racist humour is still accepted in many parts of Asia, hence where the game comes from.

It originated in the US but is long gone since the 30's or something (if you don't count Ted Dansons misstep in 93).

If you check the report section you will see why I didn't like this article. It has nothing at all to do with skin color. It's that they are using a headline that they can't back up with any facts that makes it crap.

"Lame: (15 hours ago)
Review avg. crown? Nope.
Sales crown? Not even close.
Online activity crown? Eh...

Flamebait crown? Definately!"

JaPo3998d ago

Let me just clarify that there is no way KZ2 will take the crown COD4 once had.

Sales: No.
Ratings: No (marginally)
Players: Hell no.

There is no point in you 'elitist' gamers discrediting another superb title to elevate the PS3 flag-bearer, KZ2. Say it's 'for n00bs' and 'arcadey' all you want, but millions of people played it for days on end simply because it's FUN. Even after all the misguided hype, Resistance 2 is seldom discussed on the internet these days because it had no legs, and isn't particularly good. KZ2 on the other hand is a quality title, and the MP is good, but not as fun or as accessible as COD4. Simple. People disparage Haddock as 'arcade' (whatever that means) and 'simple', when it's clear a hell of a lot of work went into polishing that engine into the superb online shooter it became. Its depth is subtle but when the game is so ingrained in your mind you start playing by instinct, you know it's deep. You guys can sing its praises until your vocal chords shatter, but there's absolutely no chance KZ2 it will eclipse COD4.

Still, there's room for another title. I don't enjoy KZ2 as much as I did COD4 (I don't find myself craving it), but it's still a top-notch shooter. No-one can deny that, really. Graphics are superb, stats are superb, clan support is superb, level system is far superior to anything I've seen. I'm yet to really dig my claws in but I can't wait.

In terms of singeplayer, it's actually fairly close. I completed KZ2 in under 6 hours, which is a little ridiculous actually. The ride was immersive but now I'm racing through trying to get no deaths on each section. These points are actually entirely valid. Read my entire comment before you click disagree in light of my KZ-denigrating comments.

DelbertGrady3998d ago

+ Bubbles for telling it like it is. There's always room for games as good as COD 4 and Killzone 2. Personally I think I'd like KZ 2's sp campaign better because I can't stand the scripted enemies in COD 4 (and 2,3 & 5). But this talk about stealing crowns is downright bizarre.

Like you said, no one talks about Resistance 2 anymore. And fanboys said it was supposed to steal Halo 3's crown (yeah, I mentioned it!). I say give KZ 2 3-4 months then we'll see how it's doing, if it's taking any crowns.

pixelsword3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

Actually, I didn't take your comment seriously.

Like I said in my previous comment (see above or below)

"Dude, I apologize for having this drag out to these dimensions, I was only talking to you, but I guess people who see the need to want to ring the "anti-political correctness" bell like a bunch of deranged Quasimotos will want to milk this.

I was just making a jab at you (because of your own comment), and these 'pointing out racism is racist' people want to take it too far, as usual."

If I didn't think you were kidding, I wouldn't have have called me commenting on your comment a "jab" (as a "jab" is a term for a friendly poke a someone in my part of the planet), and I certainly wouldn't have apologized for it;

Er, um; those were the lines you were supposed to read between yourself(heh, heh, heh)... *smiles gingerly*

My only crime in this was talking back to a bunch of wannabe armchair republicans who can't take a joke themselves when it's turned around... as my comment was a jab, these people took it as a "massive offense against non-PCness" and decided to want to be jerks about it...except I can splice a comment with the best of them; it should have ended when I apologized to you, but some people wanted to take it further, so I took it further... I had a free hour or two when I was waiting for a download, so I said "what the heck, why not?" If someone's going to call my comments "retarded" or whatnot, then I want them to defend their positions, that's all; from that point it ended being a jab and was merely a verbal exercise from that point... notice when evrfighter said in his next to last post "I won't get into a debate I really don't care at all about" is when I ended mine posting... that, and his comment was utter garbage not worth commenting on.

Next time, maybe I'll put smiley faces next to my comments when I'm kidding around myself... as I also have a sense of whimsy (albeit a dry one).


THE TRUTH3998d ago

I respect your opinion but it really annoys me that your entire opinion is based off SALES, PLAYERS AND RATINGS..... Seriously how does any of that effect which game is more entertaining to you? I mean sales alone isn't even an fair point given that CoD4 is multiplatform, the same can said about players........ that only give you point left to argue which is ratings. I don't want to sound like an A-hole but you do realize that all ratings are are other peoples opinion of a game(which can easliy be swayed under certain situations)

A more convincing arguement would be made if you just used your our personal experience with both games to prove your point. Whichever game you perfer is fine by me because both games are great but I just find it so hard to understand why anyone would use Ratings, Sales, or Players to prove which game they prefer.

I personally perfer Killzone2 (read my above statement as to why) but CoD4 is also a great game better suited for other gamers.

Please lets not let things like sales, ratings or players sway our opinions into which games are better. It kind of makes all gamers look ignorant, niche games like flower, flow, ect ect are great games that don't have anywhere near the sales players or ratings lets not degrade them on those facts alone.

JaPo3998d ago

Did you read my comment?

Anyway, we're talking about crowns, which implies the most played game, as opposed to the one which is... I don't even know where you could find 'evidence' that KZ2 is better or being enthroned - it's down to individual preference in the end.

I stated my opinions, and I always see them far more useful than data and reviews. However, this particular discussion is geared specifically around data, so I chose to include it. I'm one of the most rational and least biased gamers on the site so don't tar me with the brush of being a mindless regurgitator. It ain't gonna fly.

Tarasque3997d ago

Seriously that has to be the dumbest comment i have seen yet today on here. You forgot about the main thing to keep playing each game is fun and Killzone 2 does not have that same fun factor as COD. It took me less then 10 hours to get to general and have most of the perks, it really isn't fun to play anymore bored with it already. And i have yet to play a game that hasn't been a lag fest induced framerate problem.

THE TRUTH3997d ago

Regardless of how YOU feel to define yourself, I made my point about how you decided which game should retain "the crown". I, in no way defined you as a member of this site, nor will I. But I will let you in on my history with this site so you know exactly who you are converstating with. I have been on this site from its very humble beggings, since before it was Trust me I'm not in anyway new here, I just prefer to take a more hands off approach nowadays friend. Now that we offically know eachother maybe we can continue this discussion without getting anyone's feelings hurt in such a way as we have to tell eachother who we are and are not.

I started my reply to your post by saying I respect your opinion, but I am really lost as to your standards. Please explain why sales, ratings and players would in any way effect your overall enjoyment of either game? If CoD4 had a rating of 5 out of 10 would it be any less fun?

I persoanlly don't know the overall rating, players or sales of either game (I don't really care to know either) but I do know both games represent the best FPS's out on the market today. I feel the overall depth of Killzone2, with the making of squads, job class system and depth in each level design coupled with the ever changing warzone atmosphere give Killzone 2 the added edge FOR ME. There's really not a FPS out that can match the level of entertainment (visually, depth, fun factor, variety ect) I enjoy while playing this game and that has NOTHING to with how many units its sold, players online or some semi-proffesionals opinion/rating.

Sheikh Yerbouti3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

I'm taking away bubbles on anyone who rags about this being a HHG article. That ish is OLD!!

Seriously, are some you guys like a bunch of racists in backwoods Montana or something? j/k You all can't live in Montana. : )

Serious for was very well written and thought out, enough to convince a friend who only ever plays COD and Rock Band to try out. Whether KZ2 > COD or not...a lot of players who play COD exclusively have another option. COD has some things over KZ, but not much that it retains any crown.

Play both.

Head Shot King3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

If post some thing like

Microsoft will out shine Sony at E3, Sony Fanboys will say that he sucks and every one should report trash the comes from that website.

If hiphopgamer post Sony King of all consoles, then SONY fanboys look at him like he is god.

JaPo3997d ago

You're not making any sense, Truth.

Why are you assuming that I let data and ratings affect my enjoyment of a game when I'm simply explaining why less people will play KZ2 than COD4 and discussing what I appreciate in both games.

Read the comment again, if you like. Perhaps you're just taking objection to the fact I'm not rimjawing KZ2, but I'm not doing any of the bandwagon BS you accuse me of. I couldn't give a privy pot which game has higher ratings, and I didn't once imply that I did. I'm just saying there's no way of quantifying (as of yet) the claim that KZ2 has dethroned COD4 as most popular FPS.

It's only 3rd Grade reading comprehension :S.

THE TRUTH3997d ago

Look friend I have don't know what "rimjawing" is, and it is obvious that I have more reading comprehension than a 3rd grader. what I don't understand is how a conversion between two disagreeing gamers has resluted in an insult laced reply? This is the reason why I choose to keep a hands off approach to this site and it looks like you have really made my decision final. A majority of the time on this site, there is no friendly exchange because a "gamer" such as yourself feels insulted the minute his "unbiased opinion" is challenged in anyway. Instead of trying to make your points more valid you let your fustration cause you to throw out dumb comments such as "rimjawing", which in turn destroys any viable and real discussion we were once having. So I congradulate you friend for for your achievement of understanding the art of adult conversion/discussion.

Apart from that I do agree both games are great and both games deserve the credit for what they bring to the FPS genre and to videogames as a whole.

JaPo3997d ago

I haven't insulted anyone, become frustrated, or even tried to denigrate you. Yet.

You haven't once put forward a legitimate argument, simply taken a thinly-veiled stab at my beliefs by questioning my post. First of all you didn't even read my ideas properly so clearly haven't a leg to stand on when it comes to arguing your case. I conveyed my thoughts respectably, honestly, and without bias. Any remotely intelligent person would agree. A group which, incidentally, you're expelled from by assuming I have a blind allegiance to a game/company because I have an opinion different to yours ("unbiased" "gamer").

I'm not sure whether you're a silly fanboy or a "gamer" but you really need to learn to spell. If you want to pose a valid argument, at least. Maybe you don't though?

That's my last bubble so if you see it *absolutely* necessary, feel free to send me a PM, buddy.

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panasonic233998d ago

Reviews no
Sales no
Online activity? Eh.... drum roll please hell no it didn't take Call duty 4 Crown.

thor3998d ago

Reviews no.... BUT a 10 nowadays is worth more than a 10 would have been worth when CoD4 released. Is CoD4 better than Wolfenstein 3D - objectively, yes it is. As in, there is really no question which game is better. Of course, you might say that Wolfenstein 3D was better for its time, and was more innovative, but CoD4 is the better game. If they released CoD4 again with added features, tweaked multiplayer and better graphics, it WOULD be better, BUT its reviews would be lower than CoD4. Case in point - MGS2:Substance has a LOWER average score than MGS2:Sons of Liberty, yet it's got exactly what SoL had AND MORE. So it is BETTER. If you wanted one or the other, Substance has VR missions and other stuff as well as exactly the same stuff as SoL so it's the better game. But the reviews were basing it on different standards. Killzone 2's reviews were based on the standards of CoD4... the bar has been raised since 2007.

Sales... it's too early to say. In any case, CoD4 is a multiplatform game so is bound to sell more. Will KZ2 on PS3 sell more than CoD4 did on PS3... we don't yet know. Online activity is a similar thing. Let's see, long-term, if more people end up playing KZ2 or CoD4. I know that more players AT THE MOMENT will be playing KZ2 because it just came out.

Besides, this is some guy's opinion - and HE thinks that KZ2 is the better game, hence the title. If you don't, that's your opinion, but there is at least one person who disagrees with you.

Major_Tom3998d ago

Killzone 9.1

COD4 9.4

Difference 0.3

N4G really needs to start banning people.

Power_Of_Flops_3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

Graphics : yes, it destroys COD 4
Realism : yes, it destroys COD 4
Fun factor : easy yes
Badge / ranking system : yes

Final easy answer : yes, KZ 2 is the new king

I know it's sad for you, since you can't play anything new on crapbox this day. ;( Maybe ask your mother to buy you a PS3 for next christmas ?

mrdxpr23998d ago

U sr are bored cause u havent played Killzone 2 cause u know nothing about the game u just asume with nothing wow just quit and go play 360 watever game there is cough none cough .... Now killzone 2 is the best game ever i played COD 4 and liked it but i love killzone 2

Marcelles253998d ago


theKiller3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

u r really pain in the @ss!! just like ur name character(Pain).

COD4 was the king of its times but not any more! except that, get over it! i know it hurts that this new king is a ps3 exclusive but thats the bitter reality for u!

reviews gave MGS3 less than MGS4 but i think MGS3 was much better and longer and better boss fights, and it did sell less also but did that change the fact that it was better with better story and better boss fights??? the answer is NO!!!!!

halo 3 probably sold more than COD4 on 360 but does that make it a better game?? i think not!!!

sales and review only reflects the hype the game has in many cases!

quality is not determined by sales or reviews, but sales and reviews usually shows the following

1: the hype the game have
2: the franchise popularity
3: the quality of the game

so its not always reflects the quality of the game, and only [email protected] brains will think other wise!

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Nelson M3998d ago

Good Article
Cant wait for the Hiphop Gamer show tommorow night
And Yes Killzone steals CoD4's crown
But thats not a bad thing

riderofpl4gues3998d ago

im not trying to be an ass. i just stated my oppnion on why i think as of right now, killzone 2 takes the crown from call of duty4. Of course there is no sales data, or percentage's only been out a week!

Nelson M3998d ago

If fact if you Have Played both of the Games
Then your opinion is credible
Its the people who have not played both games
That think the article aint newsworthy
Because they are sick of all the Killzone love going around

Kyur4ThePain3998d ago

Then do so in the forums or as a post in a discussion.
Don't go and pretend that your opinion is worth an article.

Venomish3998d ago

I played both games my opinion is :
sold cod4 purchased cod [email protected]
lv 55 1st prestige in cod [email protected] and still playing
sold killzone right after I finished it

RememberThe3573998d ago

Dude stop telling people to start a new website. This site doesn't only do news, we all know that. So stop being an ass.

Kyur4ThePain3998d ago

Please try to converse without name calling.

Sez 3998d ago

I don't know about that. But I will me trading in my copy of KZ2 for RE5 on Friday.

SprSynJn3998d ago

I don't see why people are getting upset about the question. It's a perfectly legitimate question asking your opinion. My opinion is it does by far take the crown. Some people might disagree, but it's only a question of how far the genre is advancing if you look carefully at it. Since Call of Duty is know to be one of the highest in the genre, which I don't disagree with, attempting to top it would only be standard for most other companies. Guerilla Games has so far, in my opinion, taken the lead that most companies are now going to have to try and take back.

LastDance3998d ago

yea man!...Having an opinion means you cant be a journalist. you really think the game journalism world is build upon opinion!...sheeeeeeeeesh, do some research.

Tarasque3997d ago

Yeah it is a great thing i rented Killzone 2 cause i would have wasted 60 bucks.

Sheikh Yerbouti3997d ago

Don't care for someone's opinion or a site...don't read it.

If you really care about the quality of N4G, then go to another site.

If you want to prioritize your opinion over someone else's, get a lobotomy.

Ooops! You already have one?

Stop being a jerk.

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Zeus Lee3998d ago

Yep,we're going to approve this article as well.

TheColbertinator3998d ago

Wow truly the hypocrisy of the writers for HHG has come to light.