Jail for Parents Whose Kids Play Video Games in New Zealand

New Zealand's chief censor Bill Hastings has called for the jailing of parents who allow their underage kids access to violent video games as a shock deterrent to other families in the country of Middle Earth.

Hastings has said that families who allow their kids to play violent video games at home are breaking the law and should be thus prosecuted for their crimes.

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Yi-Long4004d ago

... It's not the goverment's job to tell parents how to raise their kids!
When a parent has done his/her job and taught their kids the differece between right and wrong, the different between teality and make believe, and about values and respect etc etc... and the kid is old and mature enough to understand and respect all that... then the parents have done their part.

One 12 year old can be completely different to another 12 year old. One will be completely able to play a game like GTA4 for what it is (entertainment, great quality crime adventure), and some other 12 year old might not be 'ready' for that YET. It's up to the parents to decide for their kids what movies they are allowed to watch, what TV series they can see, and what games they may play!

Age is nothing but a number.

Sadly, this politician probably traded common sense in order to get some extra votes from worried old folks.

NewZealander4004d ago

NZ is going to hell, everything is so PC, from the anti smacking bill to locking up parents who let kids play violent games?

even the anti piracy law Section 92A was a complete joke, think its been thrown out but im not sure.

NZ used to be known for standing up for what the people thought was important, now it seems we are trying too hard to impress the rest of the world with contriversial new laws, no wonder our people are all moveing to australia.

Ninja-Sama4004d ago

So instead of fragging guys online the kids will just have to do the fragging in real life huh? Videogames keep kids indoors and occupied for crying out loud. If nething it's a deterrent from them getting into trouble irl.

Stupid ppl.

dinkeldinkse4004d ago

If you don't want kids playing mature games, make the stores that they buy them from require a parent to buy it and if they don't fine the store.

Pebz4004d ago

Brilliant, having their parents in jail will sure do wonders for those kids and their upbringing.

"The fear of getting caught shouldn't be the motivating factor for you obeying the laws.

It should be the pleasure in being able to sleep at night knowing that you have done the right thing by your kids. That should be the motivating factor."

The good old "if you're a honest person, you've got nothing to fear" line never fails at introducing fascist laws, does it?

TitanUp4004d ago

i may get disagrees or lose a bubble but i don't give sit about that crap anyways to the point if its m kids shouldn't be allowed to be the game.

especially online so you all may disagree with it but its the right thing to do theres a reason that games have ratings on them just like movies.

Awookie4004d ago

I'm disagreeing because i have no idea wtf you are trying to say. Take a couple seconds to reread your comments, or else you look like an idiot.

StillGray4004d ago

You're an idiot and like the other guy who replied to you, I have absolutely no idea what your point is.

PSPDude794004d ago

Police: This is the police! Come out with your hands up!
Kid: Wow, this game is so realistic. It seems like its happening in real life. Wait a minute, what happened to my parents? Oh well. (Goes back to playing GTA)

jack who4004d ago

so whos gona take care off the kid when you put his/her parent in jail

StillGray4004d ago

Foster care / the state. Yet another burden to taxpayers.

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The story is too old to be commented.