Super Retroid: Final Fantasy X

TheGameReviews' Heath Hooker takes readers back to the emotional journey of Final Fantasy X. "This is my story..."

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NeverforgetNES4000d ago

Final Fantasy X.....Makes me want to cry just thinking about it. So

solideagle14000d ago

FFX is the best FF out there. it has all the elements except bad ass villain seymore was not like mighty sephiroth but still the game was very very good.

solideagle14000d ago

i wont say anything for u. just buy it and play then u will see what i and above guy are talking about. its the best JRPG ever, to me atleast. it even rival FFVII in terms of twists and story.

cain1414000d ago

I never got a chance to play 10. Sounds like I should go look for it somewhere eh?

Panthers4000d ago

Wow. Game is amazing. Def try it out.

thor4000d ago

FF9 is my favourite FF, followed by 7 and then 10. Whatever you do, though, DO NOT buy FF10-2. What an absolute waste, completely rubbish game.

I put >500 hours into FF10 I think; the battle system is just amazing, way more balanced than FF8 and deeper than FF9, very tactical too. There is so much to do as well and the storyline isn't half bad either.

Shame about some of the voice acting... I think FF lost something special when they started voicing the characters -


Obama4000d ago

lol I bought ff-2...haven't even opened it though since I heard it is garbage and that I have too many games to play atm.

BrunoM4000d ago

FFx was the RPG that made me love RPGs after that is wen i went back and played 7 8 and 9 but 10 is the BEST JRPG there is for me !!


AriesFury4000d ago

One of my favorite FF games of all time

cyguration4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Final Fantasy VI may have been ugly since it was on the SNES, but it was one of the few JPRGs that was a multi-layered story that dealt with more than just simple character stories.

It touched on the subject of loyalty and honor amongst a murderous regime; the prospect of love without romance; sacrifice without holding onto ideologies and the necessary measures breaking down organized constitutions for equality.

Other Final Fantasy games may have been directed better and had better evolution of character studies, but FFVI is still a kick-butt game. Just thought I'd throw that out there among all the FFX and FFVII praise.

ParanoidMonkey4000d ago

...I know I'm not in the majority when I say I couldn't stand FFX. In my opinion, this is where Square had their downfall as developers. The game's overly linear, I don't like any of the characters, but I will say the general plot was good, albeit poorly executed.

Of course, this is all my opinion, and not a very popular one at that... I gotta give it credit for making me buy a PS2 back in 2002. Also, I love love LOVE the combat system. The absolute best form of turn based gameplay. Love it to death. I wish they had stuck with it longer, because it's great.

italianbreadman4000d ago

This is my favorite FF, as well, followed by 4... although I haven't played through 6 yet.

This game is immense, featuring tons of side quests and mini-goals and achievements to strive for. It has a deep and engaging storyline and is rich with characterization. The world itself also feels real; as you travel from one end to the other, you see all of the different people of the world and how they view and interact with one another.

There is not simply a story to cover the characters and their journey, but a fleshed-out background that details the political and social situation of the entire game world.

Combat is traditional turn-based, but allows players to swap out their characters on the fly to make use of each of their unique strengths, and each character is custom-leveled using the unique and well-designed sphere grid.

Simply put, this game is incredible. 92% average score from all media outlets, and that was before everyone started dishing out 10s if a game has good graphics and the controller makes your character move.

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Old_School_Gamer4000d ago

I loved getting stoned and playing this game. The way the screen breaks like glass when you start a battle was epic when you are stoned. I wish FF would go back to the Sin era in the franchise. I would love to see a game with Tidus as Sin.

OuterHaven4000d ago

the only ff i ever played besides 7 and i thought 10 was better. Still played it years after i got it.

Obama4000d ago

I love the ending of 10, so beautiful and nostalgic. I agree with OuterHaven that 10 is better than 7, but at the time when 7 was out it was one of the best rpgs.

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The story is too old to be commented.