Avon seeks to destroy Racoon city

Gamer Limit writes: "A hilarious new product (goof?) by Avon has gone on the market that looks strikingly similar to Umbrella Corp's, (Resident Evil's villainous corporation) T-Virus. Unlike Avon's new Facial Filling Serum, the T-Virus causes zombie-like side effects. Check out the video comparison in the story."

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cherrycreamsauce4007d ago

HOW did this go unnoticed at Avon?!

GrieverSoul4007d ago

I knew it!!! AVON is behind Raccoon´s city desappearance!

They cover it up and named their subsidiary UMBRELLA to hide the connections to it!

Bastards! XD

CobraKai4007d ago

I don't think anyone at Avon has even heard of Resident Evil

blind-reaper4007d ago

AVON is so good covering things up that we all tought it was only a videogame!!

eelnats20004007d ago

I'm stocking up some food, weapons, and ammunition as we speak.

Aint no way im letting in a boomer at my house.
I havent even started on the witch..

villevalorox4007d ago

lol. thats kinda cool. too bad you probably end up a zombie... Not smart marketing. lol jk. who the hell does not want to be a zombie!! lol .. Oh that gal that plays in RE movies is so damn fine :P . whats her name?

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Godmars2904007d ago

What woman is into the RE movies. If anything those that are will buy it just because it does rip off the movie trailer.

And of course, the ad guys had to have seen RE.

mysterious_warrior4007d ago

Where is Chris Redfield and the BSAA when you need them?

GlibGamer4007d ago

My wife wants some...

But only because she likes the connection to RE. So cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.