The Beginning of Playstation 3's Global Numbers Reign? writes: "Hell freezing over is a cliché on the improbability of certain situations/events ever taking place. The console wars are not playing for simple appeasement, however - these days its actual full-on war, an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. Like Superman when he faced Solaris the Tyrant Sun, except Sun-Eater is fooling around with his Wii, thus causing Superman to…fail and die. There being no easier or geekier way to say it, Sony's Playstation 3 has finally begun its quest for console domination…in Japan at least.

"The console went on to sell 36,513 units, almost 20,000 units more than the previous week, thus outselling both the 360 (11,795) and Wii (17,876) combined (29,671). Ironically, the killer app for Japan was Sega's Yakuza 3, an action adventure title in the vein of Grand Theft Auto but set against the gritty Japanese underworld of mobs and dirty deals. Star Ocean IV may have sold a cool 179,000 units since it's release but the Yakuza 3 surpassed this number within it's first week. It appears circumstances and AAA launches across the world have guaranteed one thing."

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TheHater4010d ago

didn't Yakuza 3 outsold Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope lifetime sales in Japan in the first day?

Nike4010d ago

First day as well? Yup. :3

Current data estimates the total units sold to be the same number as total units on the same day. So the number could actually be more by now...given that this is last week's data that's been released.

solideagle14010d ago

is climbing but hardware is not i think. because of bad economy and PS3 High price tag. i hope hardware sales will pick steam wfter the release of these titles.

Nike4010d ago

It earlier used to be a quandary on games like MGS4 selling great and moving PS3 units, but Sony lost money on each unit due to the inability to break even. The sooner they can break even, and then follow that up with a price cut will be a real turning point in the console wars.

On another topic: Does any one think Yakuza 3 will get a NA or PAL release after it's success in Japan?

pwnsause4010d ago

"On another topic: Does any one think Yakuza 3 will get a NA or PAL release after it's success in Japan?"

it inevitably will, but like Yakuza 2, the wait is going to be pretty long.

Lawliet4010d ago

I don't really want to say this but to state the facts, damn StarOcean4 completely overshadowed by Yakuza3.

Aquanox4010d ago

Lifetime = 2 weeks when it was released, and only in Japan with 1/3 of consoles sold compared to the PS3.

Japan is far from being the market monster it was in the past, for HD Consoles at least. With this trend, it going to become the 4th market after UK which has been growing exponentially.

Conan9974010d ago

The UK has already surpassed Japan in terms of sales,

There was an article on here saying that.

Its sad to see that, the once giant powerhouse of gaming, Japan, has found something new to get their entertainment.

Aquanox4010d ago


I remember that article. I'm under the impression they talked about Software not hardware (it's hard to surpass Japan with their massive handheld sales) but in terms of HD Consoles, I believe UK is very close.

eagle214010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

Why? Because PS3 swept all the 08' AIAS awards including Game of The Year and titles like Metal Gear Solid 4 and LBP won every graphics award. Outstanding!

All 360 pundits/owners need a wake up call. Your console can't beat PS3 where it counts most: game quality and exclusives. Even as PS3 sales increase, the quality of games like Yakuza 3 are there with it. That's what matters most. And the quality of PS3's hardware speaks for itself.

You guys may dig DLC but I like TLC (tender loving care). :)

Argento-Nox4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

@Conan997 and Aquanox

The UK numbers has no bearing on one certain popular genre of games, namely rpg's. If the MS didn't realize this, they wouldn't be putting out rpg exclusives to increase their abysmal market share in Japan.

Secondly, talking about the UK is kind of a moot point considering they don't represent the numbers that Europe as a whole does, nor do they put out the number of games that Japan does. You can moan about the numbers in Japan all you want, but the fact is they put out the majority of the systems us gamers own in the 1st place and put out more games than the UK.

Have you not seen the hardware numbers for Japan last year? Did you not see like 4 million ds's, 3.5 million psps, 3 million Wii's, etc. in 2008? Go take a look at games like Pokemon, any Mario game etc. that put out a million units in sales in a month. Watch future sales of Monster hunter Wii, FFXIII on the PS3 and tell me how Japan's numbers are small. The UK isn't as big as you think, when you look at it from that aspect.

Hallucinate4009d ago

remeber Legend of zelda orcina of time? yea that game still sh1ts on every game this generation.
what im trying to say is of course the 360 will have qaulity exlusives..they might not be graphically as good but graphics only go so far..

slayorofgods4009d ago

I'm glad to see Sega finally making a comeback.

phosphor1124009d ago

is dated for US? Because DO WANT! It looks cool.

swirvin4009d ago

wtf, are we back in 2008 already? sony fanboys tried this in 2007, 2008 and NOW all of a sudden they are going to take 2009.

you do know that GT5 doesnt come out till 2010 right? LOL


Remember the n4g member "SONYOWNSNEXTYEAR"?

he predicted the same thing "playstation dominance", yet he was banned and bubbles stolen. Y?

for doing the same thing mart, firstknight and pog have done for ages( yet the microsoft boys were never banned). Who was right all along? them saying microsoft will never fail, or sony supporters saying ps will dominate?

Look at my bubbles, thats from all my predictions hurting feelings and ULTIMATELY, becoming reality and breaking hearts.

Ill say it again, microsoft got nothing on ps3. NOTHING.

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Gun_Senshi4010d ago

split-screem, don't give them free clicks

TheHater4010d ago

That why I didn't click on the article. :)

Figboy4010d ago

it could possibly tear open a rift in the space time continuum and end life as we know it.

imagine when Square-Enix announces the obligatory PS3 version of a new Dragon Quest title! the world would explode! or maybe just Japan.

the fact that Yakuza is the game producing such excellent sales for the PS3 is simultaneously perplexing, understandable, and amusing at the same time.

i love the Yakuza games, personally, i just didn't realize that so many other people loved it as well. especially considering how poorly recieved it was here in the States.

the PS3 is a WORLDWIDE platform. it does well worldwide. even in the US, it's sale are picking up.

i could care less if it begins reigning worldwide, however, as long as quality games like Killzone 2 and Yakuza 3 keep on coming, and looking at the PS3 lineup this year, it's looking DAMN GOOD (inFamous - you're next, bud)

SpoonyRedMage4010d ago

I don't think we'll get a HD DQ at all, IX's for the DS and X's for the Wii, the two most popular systems so that will make Japan explode for the Nintendo platforms.

I hope FFXIII does really(and I mean REALLY) well on the PS3 in Japan, simply because it's going to be an awesome game and everyone should play it.

I always thought Yakuza was a niche game as well though.

Andras844010d ago

Bring it to the USA and Europe SEGA!!! Can't you see how great this game is??? Insted of that crap Sonic games you should publish that.

legendkilla4010d ago

well said! Sonic has been crap for years! Yakuza 3 FTW!

spunnups4010d ago

I've never played Yakuza but after watching the "Overview Trailer" on GameTrailers I really hope they bring it over to the US!

Hallucinate4009d ago

theres a demo on the japanese store..and its pretty damn awesome