Are Game Developers damaging their reputation?

...Lets take a step back from the fanboy vs xbot commentary we are all used to reading and look at the game scene from the point of a real gamer.

We all want amazing games.
We all want the network features.
We all want to pay less.
We all want to new innovative games.
We all want the same things no matter what console we currently own, if we trully admit it.

So how do we get there?

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TheHater4001d ago

Company such as Valve, Rockstar, EA, and Bethesda.

EA with it exclusives contents on the PS3 version of Dead Space and Mirror Edge. That why I purchase Dead Space used so they would get anything from it. The are basically tell have their consumers to go [email protected]#$K themselves.

Valve tell all PS3 owners to go [email protected]#K themselves because the are a bunch of lazy [email protected]#KS. Release their game (yes I know EA developed the Orange Box for the PS3), but are unwilling to release any patch to fix the 100's of bugs and problem with the Playstation 3 Version of the Orange Box.

RockStar and Bethesda for give the PS3 owners that purchased their game the middle finger when it comes to DLC on the PS3 version of the game (Yes I do know that MS payed them for the DLC and keeping off the Playstation 3). That why I purchase Fallout 3 used so those [email protected]#Kers wouldn't get anything from it.

If these companies think that Xbox 360 and PS3 owners are going to forget any of this then they are clearly mistaken. While the Mirror Edge and Dead Space contents aren't as significant as the DLC for GTA IV and Fallout 3, there will still be people like me that remember how the treated one side of their consumers.

Kouzmich4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

And to add, some developers that say they will support the game for long time with DLC but they don't ( Infinityward CoD4 - only one map pack that costed 10$ and I didn't even played one map at all , because it was made for duel only or something like that ).
And ppl will remember devs who supported their game for long time with free DLC ( Criterion's - Burnout Paradise ).

windmill1454000d ago

I agreed with everything you said except what you said about Rockstar, seriously its hard to say no to a $50 mil deal for a (timed)exclusive expansion pack, also Rockstar are one of the few developers that added a trophy patch after the game release.

pippoppow4000d ago

Exclusive content for multiplatform games is lame and is a slap in the face to supporters of their products who don't receive the added content. They also need to stop lying about timed exclusive games being exclusive which has been happening frequently this gen.

edgeofblade4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

I still don't get the generic "PS3 is better hardware than 360". RRoD aside, I still haven't seen any conclusive proof the PS3 is more powerful than the 360... just fanboy rantings painting reality the way they want to see it.

So, until I get conclusive proof, I have no reason to believe any articles whose point starts with "since PS3 is better than 360". I'm not convinced of that fact yet. And I'm not particularly convinced it important either. I'm a hardcore gameplay addict. It could look like an 8-bit drop puzzle literally made of 8-bit coils of poo, but if the game is compelling, I'll play it. Focus on that before you start going apeshit for stuff that matters very little.

TriforceLightning4000d ago

Microsoft cares about its loyal fanbase and its marketshare.Why else would they shell out $50 million.Don't get mad just Sony just can't afford the exclusivity.You should be sending your complaints to Sony.Here's an example.

PS3 loyalists asks, "Why we don't have what they have?"
Sony replies, "We can't afford it right now.Money is tight and profits are in decline, manufacturing costs have skyrocketed.PS2 still doing good, I'll borrow some cash from her."
PS2 (groans) "Another loan?Didn't I bail you out last year?
Sony begs and pleads, "But honey you know I'm good for it"
PS2 gives Sony cash, (mumbles) "Broke SOB"

LostChild4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )


I disagree with everything you said and it's obvious you haven't been playing games for very long or should I say had many systems.

Companies have been giving different gaming platforms exclusive content since gaming nearly begin. Nes version had this but Mastersytem did not. Supernintendo version had this but Genesis did not. Gears PC had this but Gears Xbox Console did not. Prime example: PS2 Spiderman vs Original Xbox Spiderman. The xbox version got extra levels and new bosses but the PS2 version didn't. People where asking how come the xbox version got the extra stuff back than just like now. But life went on. EA made madden for the 3Do system but they didn't bring the NFL License over but madden on the SuperNintendo had it. US Final Fantasy7 Had the Ultimate Weapons and Japan did not...even though Square later added them for Japan.

Everyone knew GTAIV was getting DLC only for 360 but what did most say: "Who cares about DLC?" "It is not even important." "It wont even sell." "It's to late, I already traded that game in." "I bet it wont even be good." "MS paid 50million for DLC, lol." Now you want to start crying about it after you see it's well worth it to MS. I tell ya.

You complain about 3rd party Valve owner telling PS3 fans to go [email protected] themselves. Well, what about MGS fans who own a Xbox360 only. 3rd party Kojima stated MGS4 will not be coming to 360 and the only way to play it, is to buy a PS3. So basically, he was saying buy a PS3 to play my game or [email protected] He just wasn't as blunt as Valve owner. But you don't see that way, because you're to focus on what is hurting you and not the big picture.

Rockstar, Bethesda, Infinity Ward or any other company don't have to support any of their games with extra DLC. But if they feel like they want to make a few more levels, maps, skins or what have you and sell or give them to the consumer of only a certain console or for both, than so be it. That is their choice. And if they stated they will support their game with extras in the beginning and turned around later, only to not do so, than so what. If you brought a game based on this, you made a poor choice. See, maybe they changed their mind, didn't not enough time/man power or the cost would just be too much. You never thought about that. You only thought, what about me?

You complain about a company paying for extra content...complain to the company that is not helping to support its own system. MS is doing everything they can to make sure they get games on their system. MS is still the underdog/ hated by a lot based on name alone and they have to do whatever they can, to make that evil name a good one, to get that gaming support. We may not like what they are doing. But it is working for them. Sony, is just running with the Playstation name and popularity of said name and hoping people will continue to give their full support. Sony knows that Playstation, is where most devs, either made their name or made a lot money from. But let me give you a little hint. Developers and Publishers will always go with the system that they feel they can get the most out of their money from and they will give the most support to that system. They will occasionally throw a bone, once in a while to their fans on the other system(s), just to say we haven't forgot about you. But you want see them breaking their necks to do so.

People like yourself, need to start getting back into just playing the games that are available to you on the console(s)you own. Continue support, DLC, Prizes and a certain exclusive game(s)coming to you, is not a guarantee and you need to understand that and move on. They don't care one way or another about how you feel about it. Their are a very few Devs that do but even they are turned on when fans like you don't get what they want.

Play the games, don't play yourself

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Mike134nl4001d ago

At the end of the day companies have to pay their employees so do developers.

Triple (innovative) AAA titles need money to make; so developers need to make choices which might be unpopular but brings the highest dividend.

komp4001d ago


The article shows that if all the developers switched to the PS3 they would not loose any revenue. If its good people will get it even if it means switching consoles.

thats_just_prime4000d ago

Komp so by that reasoning we have to assume that KZ2 sucks and so does mgs4. Even Uncharted , HS and R&C are complete trash cause all these games combine have fail to sell the ps3 to wii owners and 360 owners.

The other option be that this article is writen by a ps3 fanboy that doesnt have a clue about what he is saying. The fact is no matter how good a game is some people are only going to buy 1 system. They might pick it based on price or what their friends have or what company they prefer.

komp4000d ago

thats_just_prime : but you would agree HALO sold the XBOX and the XBOX 360?

Lich1204000d ago

While I agree a lot of people bought the 360 for Halo (personally I bought mine for gears) I think its too late in the game for one title (we'll say KZ2 because its a good counter to halo) to sell consoles anymore.

Plus, like prime said, a lot of it has to do with where your friends are. AND, this guy was a massive fanboy. How can you end something with, So just make games for the ps3, and be taken seriously.

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Nelson M4001d ago

And as far as Multiplatform developers go
I suppose they are
Because the Game can only be as good as the 360 will allow it to be(How much better will GTA 5 be Exclusive on the PS3)
And the developers dont want to Better themselves by droping the 360 and following the lead of the Exclusive Developers of the PS3
Because the Exclusive Devs for the PS3 are Defiantly Embarrassing the 360 Devs

FPShooter4001d ago

you speak the truth brother. bubbles

Shadow Man4000d ago

And the reason why gta 4 was delay it was because the ps3 is hard to develop for. Thats why you don't see L4D on the ps3.

Xbox 360 can pull of AA and the ps3 can't on most mutiplat games.

gambare4000d ago

nah.. we won't see L4D of the PS3 because the game looks like a PS2 game and don't deserve to be in a next gen console

OGharryjoysticks4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

Microsoft did not value HD this generation (HD gets no more obvious than HD can I get a MI) and released a system that is technically capable of upscaling HD, but is not realistic for development of HD or is it true HD. In the past hardware lasted 4 to 5 years and it seems that is what they targeted, so it's time to move on. However Microsoft is super happy that they were able to beat Sony so far so now I don't think they want to move on so fast. They have a lead and 3rd party's can't ignore that. Obviously they can't ignore that and make a game that is different on the PS3 or that would hurt MS and MS has paid its dues. Heck, MS has paid for more than you know. Anyway, Sony will drop price eventually and Microsoft will counter immediately even if it's to the point of giving them away because nothing means more than keeping a customer away from Sony, even if that means selling off all your studios. But enough of my rant. All I got to say is you suck. I suck. Video games suck. But Microsoft doesn't suck because they have enough money to dictate who thinks what.


" Is it safe to say that Microsoft will probably continue to pay/persuade to make sure the games are the same on both platform’s, just as things are rumoured to be at the moment. "

microcrap holding us back .......xbots are really stupid gamers . they like old shlt but think its next gen ...

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