Ubisoft's New IP to be Revealed at E3? writes: "In 2003, Michel Ancel had a vision for a video game, whose story catered to the "need to investigate beyond the superficial facts of what is good and what is evil." Despite the commercial failure of his multi-platform endeavour, Beyond Good and Evil, Ancel and Ubisoft Montpellier returned at Ubidays 2008 at the Louvre in Paris, France to unveil it's sequel: Beyond Good and Evil 2. No real gameplay was detailed, the announcement consisting of a trailer with Jade and Pey'j, central characters from the original BG&E, sitting stranded on a highway. A release date was also conveniently omitted but it seems the title is well into production as we speak.

"The company is additionally looking for a gameplay programmer but what struck us was the listing for lead animator. The latter is invited to take part in a brand new project."

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dgroundwater4002d ago

Some cool new innovative concept with beautiful graphics. Then when we play it it's uber-repetitive like Far Cry 2 and Assassins Creed.

El_Colombiano4002d ago

LMAO @ the sheer truth in that post.

PrimordialSoupBase4002d ago

True, but unlike 90 percent of the game industry they strive to break new ground. Sometimes it works for them (Beyond Good & Evil, god damn did it ever work) and sometimes it doesn't (Assassin's Creed).

I'd rather that than, for example, Resident Evil 5: Same as it Ever Was.

evrfighter4002d ago

I thoroughly respect Ubisoft's work and contribution in the gaming industry but damned I've yet to play an Ubisoft game that would be considered a "favorite"

ShinMaster4002d ago

Is not a new IP, it's a sequel.

Nike4002d ago

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is talked about in the post, but the major item of note is their hiring of staff for a brand new IP.

Rhezin4002d ago

I don't know I'm just not really into their games anymore, they're more of rentals now then purchases for me.

- Ghost of Sparta -4002d ago

Their games just seem rushed to me. If they f*ck up Beyond Good & Evil 2 that's it, I'm done buying their games.

VMAN_014002d ago

At first poster that is so true hopefully I am alive will change that trend.

Eiffel4002d ago

WTF this is not a new IP this is a sequel of a classic.

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