The Bender Podcast - Ep 31 - BG is back, MK is Leaving, N'Gai is Gone

The Bender is back! Give us a minute to catch up with each other after this few week break then we'll jump right into games. Our vacation from the site allowed Mike to hit the comic book circuit and Perry to finally get an HD set. Where as James and Allison were still on the site but behind the scenes for 3 weeks redesigning and fine tuning the site for your pleasure (during this time it seems Allison also broke her mic, which goes all weird a lil after halfway through the show, amusing stuff). Enjoy!

Show Notes:

Binge Gamer re-launch

Grab a piece of MegaCon swag - Also, George Perez (the comic book artist) is a prick

Mike's apology to The Behemoth/Castle Crashers - They are soooo not like Namco


MTV, Harmonix & Apple announce The Beatles: Rock Band with a worldwide simultaneous release!

MTV, Warner Music at odds over Rock Band Royalties

N'Gai Croal Leaves Gaming Journalism - Best of luck!

Midway ponders selling MK License - What developer/publisher should get it?

Oh, and Midway may have broken the law

Gibson loses Guitar Hero lawsuit

Wrapping it up: Perry the Intern - The only Xbot who owns a PS3 instead of a 360? - An N4G user thinks so (good stuff). Final Fantasy VII should or shouldn't be defended?

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