Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack Trailer

Here is a new video from Gametrailers TV of the Call of Duty World at War Map Pack. Maps include Knee Deep, Nightfire, and Station. Also included in the map pack is a zombie map called Verrückt (Zombie Asylum). The release date is sometime this month.

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Old_School_Gamer4010d ago

I cant wait to get all this new content on the pc version. BTW,, I think there is already like 29 zombie maps already. Have fun with the console version guys.

Hellsvacancy4009d ago

Im still screwin coz i paid £4 to rent World At War - and they want more money off me yeah right

Montreafart4009d ago

I liked what they said about the new Nazi zombie map and mode.

But its Killzone time right now and anything more than 20 bucks, is really pushing it. It feels like COD4 mappack which I bought but the new maps sucked big time. I dont want to get ripped like that again.

Especially with KING Killzone 2 out right now.


sound pretty closed minded dude. Hey if one game can hold your attention for that long than more power to you.

Coolhandluke4204009d ago

I was so excited to see the headline of this video only to catch a quick glimpse of a nazi in the old map. They didn't show any of the new nazi zombie map!! wtf!!!

The_Zeitgeist4009d ago

Anyone know what day they are releasing the map pack? I want. Killzone 2 plus new Call of Duty Maps = Heaven

maverick11914009d ago

i can see this being $10 tbh more then im not buying

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