An IGN Mishap - False information?

Gamer Limit writes: "IGN has reported the other day that Resident Evil 5's mercenaries mode is not playable online. Just yesterday, IGN posted their final review, claiming sentiments three times in the actual review such as "No Mercenaries online? Really?". While I could go on complaining about the lowered score because of it, the real issue is: how did they screw this up?

The online community has gone up and arms lately about it. Reviews have been a hot topic as of late; some reviewers are being called out for not finishing a sufficient portion of the game before finalizing a review. Others, like IGN, push false information before confirmation."


Additional Confirmation: An excerpt from an interview with Takeuchi on Dengeki a day before IGN posted the review confirms Online Mercenaries Co-op.

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farhsa20084001d ago

just goes to show that reviewers are not always right, you should only rely on one person when making your mind up about a game...YOU

The gaming GOD4001d ago

so I'm in full agreement with you

BrunoM4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

thats 2 of us then .. people dont learn i mean WHY do they care sooo much about what they read here and on the net in general about how good a game is i mean man even if the game got a 4 and i ended up playing the game and i love it man id get it ..

but what ever these just goes to show what i ssy GAMING journalism IS BULL SH!7

people have to be the ONES making their own mind UP about what game they gave THER MONEY for !

GWAVE4001d ago

Playing the game yourself >>>>>>> reading a review.

I know people don't have a ton of spare time. I know people don't have unlimited money. However, why should you miss out on a game that's good simply because a review (which is just another opinion) tells you that it's a bad game? Why should you waste your money on a game that a review says is good but you end up hating it?

chrisjc4001d ago

I always say:

Use a reviewer as a "guidebook". See if it has replay value, extra modes, lots of choices, or other stuff you like. Then you make the decision!

YESSURR4001d ago

IGN is more concerned with getting the story out. Not so much getting the correct story out.

Andrew Wiggin4001d ago

Aw, come on IGN you know better.

Fullish4000d ago

Do they? Paid journalists maybe lack passion?

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The story is too old to be commented.