Killzone 2 Review: War is Beautiful (TrueGameHeadz)

Nat X7 from TGH writes:
"The tagline for "Killzone 2? is war perfected. While perfection is a tall order to fulfill for any game in any genre, "Killzone 2? comes refreshingly close. Since its infamous debut trailer back at E3 in 2005, "Killzone 2? has had enormous shoes to fill. So, could Guerrilla Games actually meet the ambitious expectancies of gamers across the globe? Rest easy PS3 owners, as "Killzone 2? improves upon nearly every aspect of the FPS genre, and, in doing so, becomes an early frontrunner for 2009's game..."

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ZuperAmazingCooKie4004d ago

Disagrees? Sorry

Dialogues are awesome.

Happy now?

This game is awesome, it's not perfect but who cares? I'm tired of fanboys.

Hallucinate4004d ago

the diolouge isnt bad its the voice acting thats horrid cept for visari hes awesome

ZuperAmazingCooKie4004d ago

Saying "SH1T" and "THIS IS F***ED UP" every 30 seconds of the dialogue eliminates all feelings of a potentially Epic Storyline and ends up falling into the realm of B-movies in terms of budget, which is disappointing considering the amount of investment that was put into Killzone 2, and that it's a very important title that will help carry PS3 forward.

Why the hell are Vektans always happy and cheerleading? There's very few emotion-evoking moments in the game if at all, and we are talking about a war game. Don't get me wrong, the action is awesome, it's the first game where I actually feel in a warzone, almost reaches the "theatre of war" vision that Sony and Guerrilla had (except for the facial animation, voice acting and the story script), it's just retarded to see these space marines patting their backs and butts and making dumb jokes when they're going to interplanetary scale war.

StephanieBBB4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Let me put it this way, If you where in the same situation as they where in the game would you choose your words with thought or would you just yell out the first thing that comes to your mind? :P

I agree they could have replaced the word F*** with something else but you have to remember, this is war and the only thing you care about in wars is to survive.

"It's just retarded to see these space marines patting their backs and butts and making dumb jokes when they're going to interplanetary scale war."

Gotta keep that moral up. Very important, even though it might be a stupid joke it can replace fear for just a split second.

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the only thing i dont like is how the low i feel to the ground. Besides that i just wish i could customize controls.

beavis4play4004d ago

but that's a small gripe......everything else is amazing.

the combat is unmatched. play through the "secure the courtyard" portion of the game on the hardest difficulty and you'll feel like you've accomplished!

Elimin84004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Yes, Yes it is...... well in killzone 2 of course not for real... had to point that out.....

Controls are fine. My only gripe is trying to select the knife while running from heavy fire...

Time_Is_On_My_Side4004d ago

What's the point of selecting the knife while running from heavy fire?

Scerick4004d ago

So you can fall on it when you keel over from getting shot in the back? :P

Elimin84004d ago

when you run out of ammo you got guys coming at you and shooting you wanna get a quick swipe dumb @ss especially when going for knife "75 kills" trophies....

johnnywit4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Can you fly and drive vehicles in KZ2, or is it more like COD4 focused on the ground?

Hallucinate4004d ago

ground focused...but in SP theres a few vechiles you can drive

maynu14004d ago

360 people u You guys dont no sh*t about game killzone is the best i got 2 ps3 but 1 xbox i sold it it's sh*t and f**k halo wars so sh*t


RememberThe3574004d ago

I really hope English isn't your first language.

Tomkar4004d ago

focuses on the ground but SP u got vehicles

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