Games.On.Net Review: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

After the success of the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Konami abandoned its traditional level based design for a free flowing action/RPG style of play. After a decade of "Metroidvanias" the formula has worn a bit thin on fans, but fortunately Koji Igarashi and his team have realised that they can't do the same thing forever. With Order of Ecclesia, Konami has tried to mesh old and new Castlevania together, allowing players to get out of the dank castle and sample a bit of variety in level design, and bringing back a taste of the brutal difficulty that has been absent in recent games.

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callahan094004d ago

This is the only traditional 2D castlevania game I have not yet played.
I gotta pick this up.

Obama4004d ago

I think out of 3 castlevania ds games, this one is the worst. Not that it is bad, but the previous 2 are better imo.

I really like the art style of this game though, and I hope they keep this style over the styles they used in the previous 2 games.

AriesFury4004d ago

The game been out for over a month and not you post a review? WHY?