PS3 Blog: A New Evil is Coming

Quote from site:

"Today we have an article packed full of information for you on the forthcoming horror-feast that is Resident Evil 5."

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qface644005d ago

i stopped paying attention to the article the moment i saw horror fest
RE5 still has horror in it?

don't get me wrong i have nothing against the game im getting it myself but RE5 and horror what?
i saw the live play through and i never saw any horror just action

Baba19064005d ago

i think it does get a little scary but its more a scared of having no ammunition scary. but yeah its no silenthill or siren game.

ThanatosDMC4005d ago

From RE4 to what is now RE5... it seems we have to kill everything that moves instead of actually conserving ammo and stuff like that.

In RE4, i killed everything and anything that i saw including those birds... and i enjoyed harpooning fishes though it took a while.

cliffbo4005d ago

i'm not interested in Gears of Evil but watch those Japanese PS3 numbers rise again after its release