Jack Thompson suing Take-Two -- 2007 Edition

The infamous anti-games lawyer, who former ESA head Doug Lowenstein said should be ignored by the gaming press, is suing Take-Two Interactive to prevent the sale of Manhunt 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV. Thompson plans to file suit the week of March 19 and he is looking to "prevent the sale of two hyperviolent video games set to be released this year and sold to anyone under 17 years of age."

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donscrillinger4263d ago

for the love of god can you lame azz haters leave 2k alone till All Pro FootBall 2K8 Comes out ,or the video game gods will have no mercy on YOUR POOR HATER SOULS ..............

Neutral Gamer4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

In that case, Jack, why don't you sue all violent Hollywood films and TV shows a lot of which show much more realistic and gratuitous violence than any video game?

When will this guy stop?

How did such an idiot manage to become a lawyer?!

WTF4263d ago


Dreyals4262d ago

how? This dude needs to retire to a small island and stick his head in the ground. He has proven himself to be the world's biggest jackass