Launch Day Issues for Empire: Total War

Softpedia writes: "So, here are the facts: we have on our hands what is shaping up to be one of the biggest releases of 2009, as far as strategy gaming and PC exclusives go; we have a widely lauded and very popular digital distribution service in Steam, which is powered by Valve; we have the more popular by the minute idea that gamers don't need to go out and get a title from retail brick and mortar stores because games will come to them. But taking a look at the various Internet boards on which Empire: Total War is discussed, you will find a lot of angry gamers, still waiting to play the game some time after the official release date."

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mint royale4005d ago

but I can't get it for 4 weeks :( boo!

mint royale4005d ago

and the need for a laptop powerful enough. Rome: Total War is one of my favorite games of all time and this seems bigger better and just mre epic.

cpuchess4005d ago

I bought a retail copy and had no problem at all authenticating with Steam. Worked perfectly.

jomigirock4005d ago

It really is a great RTS, one of the best I have ever played. It is a bit different than Rome but a great game non the less.

whitefang19884005d ago

I've played all the total war games but I cant play this one because you need to activate it online and my gaming pc doesn't have internet capability :(