x360a: My Horse and Me 2 Review

x360a writes: "Once or twice a year there will be a game released of such quality and anticipation that literally thousands, if not millions, of people will be waiting with bated breath for it to arrive. Queuing long into the night, with their pre-order receipts clutched feverishly, these gamers know that they are in for a treat once they finally get their hands on a copy of such an illustrious title. This ... is not such a game. In fact, it is so far at the opposite end of the spectrum that it would be impossible to even know it existed if it weren't for the horrified screams you'll hear echoing into the night whenever some poor unfortunate decides to play it. At least that's what the friendly policeman said when he knocked at my door.

The appeal of this game is hard to fathom. As surely it can have only been made for seven year old girls who long to own a horse of their own, obviously mum and dad have decided that buying a computer game is EXACTLY the same as having the real thing. It would save a massive amount of expense, that is true, but I can't see this game standing in for the real thing for very long. Perhaps some kind of role play is in order - imagine I'm a seven year old girl (I've been called worse)..."

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