x360a: NCAA® Basketball 09 Review

x360a writes: "EA's latest foray into the world of college basketball begins with a sad tale. In this world of trademarks and contracts, EA has led the way to getting most of the licenses for their sports game whichleads to becoming an overall authentic experience. However, one of the major downfalls of hoarding licenses is that you end up having little or no competition. We saw this exact concept being used earlier in the year with Madden 09; and NCAA Basketball 09 is the latest suspect. Unfortunately we won't see another College Hoops (2K's version of college basketball) for the next few years but this gives no excuse for EA to give their gamers any less of an experience.

When you first load up the game, you see the coach of the Kansas Jayhawks, Bill Self who continues to give you a crash course on what to expect in this year's rendition of college basketball. The first thing he mentions is the tempo system which means when you start a game you'll have to select three different types of play styles. which ultimately determines what tempo your team will attempt to run...."

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