King of Fighters XII - New japanese trailer

SNK Playmore published a new trailer from King of Fighters XII. Enjoy.

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Supercalifragili4256d ago

Wonderful. Maybe this is the most balanced fighting game for this year. Street Fighter IV too hardcore, Tekken 6 too casual, and KOF 12 in the middle.

Mandaspt4256d ago

Maybe KoF XII is in the same vein of complexity of Street Fighter IV.

Shane Kim4256d ago

Wierdly enough, BazBlue or whatever it's called, has cought my attention mostly even though I've never played any of the guilty gear games.

akumous4256d ago

I love KF and SF games, I am so going to get this game when it comes out...especially because it is 2D hand drawn blaze is too intense for me...

Mandaspt4256d ago

A must buy for the fighting games fans, without doubt.

Simon_Brezhnev4256d ago

i wanna get it i wonder how much this going to cost i hope it comes to the psn store

Mandaspt4256d ago

I dont think so. This game will be available in stores.

Supercalifragili4256d ago

Man this game is too big to be launched on PSN.

diefor4256d ago

I waiting for this game. Good year fot the fighting games.

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