x360a: Far Cry 2 Review

x360a writes: "The Far Cry series and myself have experienced a love-hate relationship over the years. The original on the PC, then developed by Crytek, was simply stunning in every way possible and the German studio showed how to make a truly impressive shooter. Yet the port to console some years later gave the original no justice whatsoever and put it to shame with a linear and stiff shooter with no imagination. Although Far Cry no longer has Crytek at the helm, the series looks to step away from the direction of Predator and Instincts, and get back to its roots. This time we head to Africa in a shooter developed internally by Ubisoft that tries to not only pick up where Crytek left off but attempts to leave them in their shadow. On the whole, mission accomplished.

Far Cry 2 leaves the tropical beach environments behind and heads for the savannahs of Africa, where you'll step in to the shoes of a pretty much unknown mercenary whose primary mission is to locate and take down the Jackal. The Jackal is this African region's local arms dealer who is fuelling the unrest between the two factions that occupy the land; the APR and the UFLL. It is your job as a merc to in infiltrate these factions and gain trust, eventually leading to the whereabouts of the Jackal. Far Cry 2's story may not be Hollywood but it does a job, and that's to introduce you to the environment and its hugely diverse terrains..."

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Slinger4204010d ago

This game taught me that realistic features in a game doesn't equal fun. It was boring driving forever to reach a destination as it would be in real life Africa, it wasn't fun watching my guns deteriorate and jam after ten minutes of use even in good original condition, it wasn't fun having to heal myself with surgery during firefights, etc. The game did a lot right and at times looked absolutely stunning but the gunplay felt dated and some of the best qualities of the game like the vast landscape were also it's biggest problems. The fact that your character is suffering from Malaria and constantly needs medicine wasn't fun either.