x360a: Afro Samurai Review

x360a writes: "Set in a distinct universe where cell phones, cyborgs, and rocket launchers meet old-fashioned feudal Japan, Afro Samurai tells a tale of revenge. In this world of turmoil, there are two special headbands; Number One and Number Two. The owner of Number One is said to rule the world as a god, and their right to rule can only be challenged by the Number Two. Life for the Number Two is much more precarious, as absolutely anyone can challenge them for the right to confront Number One. Afro's father was the Number One until a gunman named Justice defeated him, leaving Afro an orphan determined to seek revenge. Players will follow Afro on his path of vengeance through nine chapters that closely, but not slavishly, follow the plot of the first season of the anime series.

Life for the Number Two is one of unending combat, which ultimately means a whole lot of bad guys are going to die. Afro can deal out fast light attacks, slower but more damaging heavy attacks, and kicks to cut his way through the opposition. There's also a focus mode that allows for more precise aiming of Afro's sword, and devastating instant kills. Combat is truly fast and furious, as arms, legs, and heads will go flying, and action fans should have no problem picking up their controllers and getting into the action right away. As Afro kills more enemies, he will level up, earning access to longer and more impressive combos, with such colorful names as "Pimp Hand," "Hardwood Thrust," and several others that can't be reprinted here. These enemies won't stand there and take it though, that's for sure. Expect the opposition to jump over horizontal slashes, dodge away from vertical slashes, and do everything they can to relieve Afro of his Number Two headband. Knowing that your enemies have the desire and ability to cut you down makes the combat much more interesting than slicing down hapless idiots..."

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