x360a: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand Review

x360a writes: "Rappers seem to get everywhere these days, first it was their subtle infiltration of movies and now they seem to have moved onto games. I think the real surprise for many was that some rappers could actually act but, up until now, none of them have ever really been in a game of much note. Perhaps it is time to change that statistic and maybe, just maybe, Fiddy is the man to do it. He has the history, he has the songs, he has any number of bad ass one liners, I mean what could possibly go wrong?

To be honest this is a game that has very little hype around it and from which very little is expected. Developed by Swordfish Studios it looked like it might never see the light of day following the Activision merger. Finally getting picked up by THQ, the title seems to have been given a second chance. Whether or not it can match the big boys of the genre is not really a valid point as the game seems happy to set its stall out as a run and gun shooter, ideal for a few cheap thrills. A game that promises the ability to deliver 'hip hop justice' is never one that is going to take itself too seriously. While the first 50 Cent game, back on the original Xbox, did not exactly set the world alight, this game hopes to kick things up a notch (like an extra dose of spice weasal)..."

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