x360a: X-Blades Review

x360a writes: "Let us examine the X-Blade box art for a second (assuming you have the PAL or Japanese version anyway). Now if the first thing, the absolute first thing, you notice is not the lead characters rear end then I have to wonder if this is the game for you; but never fear, as I am not entirely sure if this is the game for anyone. The problem with the box art is that it is obviously designed to sell the game to hormonal young men with more money than sense and it may well work. What the box also tells you, if you use your common sense, is that this game is going to be remarkably shallow. It is a shame really, as from the previews this looked like a game that could really have stood out.

Developed by Gaijin Entertainment this game was obviously meant to compete with similar hack and slash behemoths like Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden. It follows many of the same principles as these illustrious counterparts but somehow fails to draw all of the elements together to make a solid game. While there is undoubtedly some fun to be had here the overall level of enjoyment will soon fizzle away into a pretty shallow experience..."

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