Top ten 8 and 16-bit games that deserve next-gen remakes

10. Metal Gear and Metal Gear: Solid Snake (NES)- We can't deny that these two were unpopular back then because the graphics weren't good even at that day and age, and the gameplay was so tricky that it scared everyone away. However, things have changed a lot in Konami and there's undeniably a gargantuan MGS fan base now. We'll be seeing MGS4 soon, but don't we all want to see how it all began in HD glory? It would take a real hater to not want to see Solid Snake and Gray Fox fighting in a minefield in Zanzibar.

9. Circus Charlie (NES)- This was THE party game almost two decades ago! The premise is simple: Your name is apparently Charlie and you work in a circus. For some reason, your boss found a way to get around the labor code and has decided to have you perform all the acts.

In stage 1, the easy part is that you have to ride a full-grown lion, then have the poor thing jump through flame rings with you at its back. In other stages, you dodge monkeys, while walking the tightrope, walk on beach balls, and more. And this was supposed to be a kids' game? We'd love to do that with great graphics and a motion-sensitive controller.
Let's all pray hard that "Charlie" gets remodelled as a clown in a bath tub to make it more fun.

8. General Chaos (Genesis)- Before there was Red Alert and Dynasty Warriors, there was General Chaos. This is perhaps the first real RTS and it was a lot of fun to play. The gameplay was simple- you command a platoon of two to five soldiers equipped with everything from assault rifles to rocket launchers and you meet another platoon in a small map. Winning here is all about positioning and choosing the right weapons for the right terrain. Humor is everywhere from the wacky animations to the in-game text. For instance, when you hit the Start button, you get the display "Reality Check" instead of "Pause".

This game can look really good on the PS3 or X360 if they can deepen the gameplay and give the graphics the updates that the game needs, while maintaining the funny appeal. Perhaps adding vehicles, clever audio and more weapons will give this classic more firepower.

7. Double Draon- The series was strong in the old days but was weakened and left to rot with a lackluster showing at the 16-bit era. If the next-gen can capture the insane martial arts fun that captivated the older crowd when they were young this can start a revolution...

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Bathyj4633d ago

The Last Ninja I & II. I know Jenzo would agree with me there.

Space Taxi would be PERFECT for Sony's PSN. 6ax support it would control like Flow and be awesome.

And can someone please give me arcade perfect versions of Rygar and Wonderboy (the one with the skateboard). I'll pay $50 for them, as Pip would say.

Smoove8084633d ago

I read the top 10 and some games on the list I really don't agree with. It was a nice attempt though. I bet some of us could come up with an entirely different selection. So the idea is for 8bit and 16bit remakes. Battletoads! Excuse me if it has shown up on the Gamecube, I am unaware, but It began on NES then sort of ported to 16bit consoles. Its been a long enough time where they could really give Battletoads a new flavor and style and people would DIGG it! Does anybody remember Battletoads, if I recall it was developed by RARE.

MySwordIsHeavenly4633d ago


Oh, and was it zero wing that All Your Base was created from? Cuz I think we'd all buy it again just for the nostalgia...

Personally, I think Little Nemo: The Dreammaster is THE GREATEST game ever created. The movie was even better. Anyone with me?

Smoove8084633d ago

Little Nemo, you are so correct!!! Definitely Top 10 material. Titles like these brought me so much joy.

MySwordIsHeavenly4633d ago

Thanks for agreeing...can I just have a freakin' bubble back? I got fanboys ripping me right and left because I'm not a Halo fan. I mean, it's a good game...but it's not like...UNREAL 04' for me. Can you understand?

Look at my posts. I really am NOT biased in the least bit! HELP!

Smoove8084633d ago (Edited 4633d ago )

I feel your pain, so for this particular good experience I will give you some positive feedback. I expect you will do the same for me.

JasonXE4633d ago

or atleast made into a co op downloadable.

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