ACE: Lord of the Rings: Conquest Review


" Unlike the memorable Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings film trilogy (which are used to provide Lord of the Rings: Conquest's cut-scenes), this newest EA Lord of the Rings title is more like the latest summer blockbuster: fun for the short time it lasts, but instantly forgettable once it's over. Nothing more than a mindless hack & slash packed with plenty of short-term action starring the Lord of the Rings cast of characters, Lord of the Rings: Conquest is disappointing (especially considering developer Pandemic Studio's strong history of good games, most recently Mercenaries 2), because it has a shorter-than-a-Hobbit single-player experience with unremarkable multiplayer gameplay. And the re-telling of the classic Tolkien tale to suit an alternate "evil" story, planned as a enticement, is sure to infuriate many Lord of the Rings fans instead."

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