Gigabyte's P55 mobo sports mystery Intel connector

Bit-Tech writes: "The slot layout is good, although we can clearly see what four 16x slots really gets us in terms of PCI-E lanes: 16x, 8x and an 4x. P55 will support CrossFire and SLI, which will run fine over two PCI-E 8x slots, but three-way multi-graphics using a PCI-E slot with 4x lanes isn't, in our experience worth it at all. That said, while not good enough for gaming graphics, PCI-E 4x is fine for other high performance add-in cards. Generally the Gigabyte's port layout is good and although this model is currently lacking eSATA, there will, as usual, be many, many different versions.

We asked Gigabyte what the XDR_PCH socket by the Southbridge was and were told it was Intel's new connector for a new feature "like TurboBoost". We'll have to enquire further about that one with Intel."

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